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EcoSimplista header Concrete Countertops by EcoSimplistaEco-Friendly Counter-tops using Concrete or ALKEMI for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Mantels, Custom Counters

The kitchen is the hub of many of today’s green homes. If you are planning a green kitchen remodel, eco-friendly countertops will be an important part of your plans. Stop wasting precious natural resources on your kitchen’s counter-tops. Several brilliant companies now offer environmentally responsible surfaces. Consider recycled tile counter-tops, bamboo counters, concrete counter-tops and the many other options highlighted here. All present attractive and viable alternatives to conventional counter-tops.

These options are also available for bathrooms, mantels, custom cabinetry, etc.

  •     Poured Concrete – natural organic materials with modern techniques
  •     ALKEMI – recycled surface material composed of post-industrial scrap waste

These sustainable counter-top options have some great green features in common:

  •     Low-VOC or VOC-free in materials, installation, and maintenance
  •     High recycled content
  •     Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  •     Durable

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A Trip to Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a beautifully landscape wildlife sanctuary with exotic plants, birds, reptiles and animals.

A Bench with a ViewIMG 9214 A Trip to Flamingo GardensSwan LakeIMG 9112 A Trip to Flamingo GardensA Quiet PondIMG 9099 A Trip to Flamingo GardensAmerican KestrelIMG 9166 395x550 A Trip to Flamingo GardensCommon Screech OwlIMG 9184 366x550 A Trip to Flamingo GardensSwallow-tailed KiteIMG 9047 A Trip to Flamingo GardensColorful PeacockIMG 9255 A Trip to Flamingo GardensStanding ProudIMG 8696 A Trip to Flamingo GardensGolden EagleIMG 8659 A Trip to Flamingo GardensSleeping Barn OwlsIMG 8637 A Trip to Flamingo GardensA Beautiful PeacockIMG 8670 A Trip to Flamingo GardensAll my photos are for sale, just contact me and let me know what you are looking for.

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The Mangroves of a Islands

Off Key Largo are pleasing still islands lonesome with mangroves. These saltwater trees emanate a large volume shade and assistance emanate an extraordinary sourroundings to explore. Below is a mangrove tree with new growth.

IMG 7570  1  2 Full The Mangroves of the IslandsTo sequence a print:

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The Marvin Adams Waterway, Key Largo, Florida

Visitors drive across this bridge on highway U.S. 1 – located about mile marker 103.6. The vertical walls rise about 15 feet high and the local boaters refer to it as “the Cut”. It took a year-and-a-half to complete the half-mile cut in 1961 with a temporary bridge on the bayside. Twelve years later, a four lane highway bridge was built. Interesting story –

LeeSmith 8277 8 9 The Marvin Adams Waterway, Key Largo, FloridaLeeSmith 8265 6 7 contrast The Marvin Adams Waterway, Key Largo, FloridaLeeSmith 8286 7 8 The Marvin Adams Waterway, Key Largo, Florida

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