From a FWC: Some changes in 2012 Marine Regulations

The year 2012 brings several changes for sea anglers who fish Florida waters.

In November, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) met in Key Largo and voted to boost both recreational and blurb fishing opportunities for speckled sea trout. The stretched opportunities come as a outcome of successful sea fish management.

For recreational anglers, a FWC voted to discharge a Feb sealed deteriorate in North Florida and a November-December closure in South Florida. While a bag extent stays a same in a swindle and south Florida, a sea fish bag extent went from 5 to 6 fish in Northeast Florida. The new manners take outcome Feb. 1.

There were several changes for a blurb deteriorate though arch among them were an boost in a blurb fishing season, and augmenting a vessel extent to 150 fish when dual blurb protected anglers are onboard.

Under prior rules, blurb sea fish anglers accounted for approximately 2 percent of a annual catch. FWC staff anticipates a blurb locate might boost somewhat underneath a new rules.

The Commission also authorized changes for red drum. Often called redfish by anglers, FWC voted to emanate 3 red drum government zones and boost a daily bag extent from one to dual fish in a northwest and northeast zones.

Other changes enclosed formulating a statewide vessel extent of 8 red drum, and tying a extent a chairman can ride on land to 6 fish.

Red drum have benefitted from government and law changes that occurred in a early 1990s, when a class was announced overfished. A 2009-10 batch comment showed that red drum escapement rates have been consistently above a FWC’s 40-percent government idea in Northeast and Northwest Florida.

Changes inspiring red drum also take outcome Feb. 1.

At a same meeting, a FWC put in place manners to strengthen tiger sharks and smooth, scalloped and good hammerhead sharks by prohibiting both recreational and blurb collect in state waters.

Fisheries scientists are endangered a top-line predator fish are exposed to fishing pressure. The shark law changes took outcome Jan. 1 and will embody an educational debate by FWC focusing on fishing and doing techniques that should boost a presence rate of sharks held and released.

Commissioners also voted to make changes to red and wisecrack grouper government in state waters. Changes engage ensuring that state and sovereign protections and bag boundary are consistent.

For red grouper a bag extent in Gulf of Mexico state waters was increasing from dual to 4 fish.

Gag grouper have been deemed overfished in a Gulf by sovereign fishery managers. The wisecrack grouper deteriorate is sealed during present. The FWC will revisit state wisecrack grouper government efforts during a Feb assembly in Tallahassee.

To learn some-more about sea recreational fishing, go to and click on “Saltwater Fishing.”

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Fishing notebook


Jamie Owens from a celebration vessel Atlantis out of Haulover Marina pronounced anglers on all of a celebration boats are throwing a lot of kingfish in a 5-to-10-pound operation by flapping passed Spanish sardines bending to a 3 offshoot kingfish supply in 80 to 160 feet of H2O offshore of Haulover Inlet. Anglers fishing a bottom are throwing almoco jacks. Blackfin tuna are being held by jigging straight jigs.


Captain Dave Kostyo of Knot Nancy Fishing Charters out of TNT Marina in Keystone pronounced while fishing offshore, his clients are throwing sailfish, mutton snappers and kingfish. In a sea inlets, Kostyo’s anglers are throwing and releasing snook and tarpon on live shrimp. Captain Mike Johnson of Local Knowledge Fishing Charters out of Fort Lauderdale pronounced his anglers have had solid movement offshore of Port Everglades from sailfish, kingfish and some vast goliath groupers. Captain Jimbo Thomas from a licence vessel Thomas Flyer out of Baysdide Marina reported a churned locate offshore of Miami Beach. His clients have had dolphins, sailfish and swordfish to 110pounds. Fishing a bottom, his clients expelled 3 genuine red snappers  pounds and almoco jacks.


Rick Berry of Key Largo Rods pronounced Dick and Diane Law from Maine fished in Florida Bay with captain John Gargan out of Islamorada and expelled 78 snook adult to 37 inches and 36 redfish adult to 15 pounds regulating live shrimp bending to a hop head. Captain Eric Cline from Customs Charters in Big Pine Key reported anticipating copiousness of cobia and grey and line snappers that ate live pinfish and cut squid over a Gulf synthetic wreck. Mike Zagnolia , his son Charlie and niece Abbey, both 8, fished with captain Dale Bishop of Shallow Water Charters out of Key West and expelled bonefish and landed pompano, ladyfish, a lot of sea fish and snappers. Captain Richard Stanczyk from Bud N Mary’s Marina in Islamorada pronounced schools of snook have changed into a Florida Bay backcountry since of colder H2O temperatures. Fishing live shrimp bending to a troll-rite, his clients have gifted nonstop movement from vast snook, redfish, black drum and sheepshead.


Captain Tom Van Horn of Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters pronounced Lagoon waters are cooler, clearer and shallower than they had been recently, and sea fish adult to 5 pounds and oversized redfish have been really inspired eating soothing plastics bounced over a weed and sand. Captain Charlie Conner of FishTales Charters out of Port St. Lucie reported Spanish mackerel fishing has been prohibited in a branch dish in Fort Pierce. Bluefish are along a beaches, jetties and in a inlets. Pompano have been holding on a deeper flats, where they are eating Goofy jigs.


Captain Steven Tejera of Knot Tight Charters pronounced his clients have found prohibited fishing along a outward shorelines and in a backcountry. Snook, redfish and vast black drum are eating live baits, artificials and flies. Captain Neil Baron reported on a lot of sea fish over a weed flats nearby Sandy Key, vast ladyfish and jacks out in a open H2O of a Gulf and sheepshead, tiny redfish and silt fish adult in a creeks nearby East Cape.


Captain Terry Pitz of Southwest Fishing Charters out of St. James City pronounced throwing sea fish is as easy as anticipating a right sandy hole, rivulet or weed prosaic in 3 to 5 feet of H2O in Pine Island Sound. The sea fish are eating shrimp, jigs and clouser minnows. Snook have changed into a backcountry and redfish have been in good numbers when a waves is regulating along a mangrove shorelines. Captain Gary Clark of Southwest Fishing Charters out of Fort Myers suggested fishing baits delayed and tighten to a bottom. With cooler water, backcountry fish tend to delayed down, feed reduction and eat smaller baits.


Captain Michael Shellen of Shellen Guide Service out of Buck Head Ridge on Lake Okeechobee pronounced drum stopped feeding since of a new cold weather. Speckled roost fishing has been good early and late in a day and during night. Best movement has been by regulating jigs and live minnows underneath a tiny boyant in a Rim Canal, in a Kissimmee River and in a Lake.

Capt. Alan Sherman

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January 11, Key Largo Fishing

Well another front is on a way.  Seems a sailfish punch to a north of us has been good.  We seem to be removing only tiny packs of fish pulling through, though hopefully with this front a fish will pierce and be a small some-more assertive in their eating.  They have seemed a small dull this past week.   It’s all about carrying a right conditions.  There have been some vast kingfish satirical and good blackfin tunas as well.

Oh it might be breezy by a finish of a day !!!!

 Capt. Dana   305 394-7420

Come fish with us down in a Keys
Captain Dana Banks
The War Bird – Charter Boat – Sportfishing
Florida Keys Saltwater Fishing
Key Largo, Florida

(305) 394-7420

Deep Sea Fishing – Reef Fishing – Wreck Fishing
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Third Annual Stone Crab Festival to Feature Key Largo’s Best Catch

KEY LARGO, Florida Keys — Offering excellent uninformed internal seafood, live low-pitched entertainment, cooking demonstrations, contests and kids’ fun, a Key Largo Stone Crab Seafood Festival is set for Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 28-29, during Rowell’s Marina, mile pen 104.5 bayside.

Sponsored by a Key Largo Fisheries and Key Largo Merchants Association, a third annual eventuality is to be a tasty weekend of family fun, food and fish from internal waters. Attractions embody humanities and crafts, businessman booths, fireworks, a automobile show, performances by a steel drum rope and live song by Nashville entertainers.

Among a highlights for kids are face painting, a sorcery show, a small charmer contest, fishing workshops and a “return” of Black Caesar and his organisation to give piratical demonstrations.

Seafood booths are to offer tasty mill crab claws, homemade fish dip, conch fritters, chowders, tuna nachos and more. Landlubbers can name Jamaican jerked chicken, sausage or beef during burger and prohibited dog booths.

Attendees can revisit cooking tents for tips on how to digest and assimilate favorite Keys dishes such as conch egg rolls, crab cakes, lobster and conch ceviche, grilled oysters and coconut mahi-mahi.

Back by renouned direct are shrimp-eating and Key orange pie–eating contests.

Festival hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. Admission is $5 per adult and giveaway for children age 12 and under. Pets and coolers are not allowed.

Event deduction advantage Florida Keys Youth Sports.

Event website:

Key Largo caller information: or 800-822-1088


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Fishing bonds saw some-more insurance a past year

Bonefish and 4 class of sharks got a mangle in 2011. For that matter, so did blurb fishermen on several pivotal issues.

State fishery managers put bonefish, a cherished gray spook of a flats, on a no-take list in April, fasten a tarpon as a diversion fish deliberate distant some-more profitable to a sportfishing economy alive than it ever could be dead.

The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, formed in a Florida Keys, in 2008 launched a debate to finish a state’s one-fish-per-day acceptable locate for bonefish.

Bonefish are “one of a many profitable recreational fisheries in a state,” pronounced Trust Executive Director Aaron Adams.

In February, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission gave rough capitulation to a no-take order for bonefish and reliable it in April. The law took outcome Jul 1. “Bonefish is one of Florida’s rock-star species,” announced then-FWC house Chairman Rodney Barreto, a part-time Key Largo resident.

Another order to guarantee permit, also a favorite diversion fish, took outcome in Sep when a FWC enacted a Special Permit Zone, that covers all a Keys.

The recreational bag extent was reduced to one legal-size permit, and all blurb collect of assent was taboo inside a zone.

Tarpon have been stable for several years by a state law requiring a fisherman to have a $50 single-use tab in his or her possession before murdering one of a large fish.

At a FWC’s Nov assembly in Key Largo, tiger sharks and 3 class of hammerhead sharks were combined to a list of sharks on a stable list. Big sharks are delayed to grow and breed, withdrawal a populations during critical risk of being overfished, biologists say.

One class that can't be overfished shortly adequate is a lionfish, a pleasing though neglected Pacific fish that might bluster internal embankment fish populations.

Protected by vicious spines, lionfish have no healthy enemies and assimilate outrageous numbers of youthful fish. First detected in Keys waters in Jan 2009, lionfish seem to have increasing steadily, notwithstanding efforts to exterminate them.

On a blurb fishing front, annual catches of lobster rebounded in a unchanging deteriorate that sealed in March, along with prices driven aloft by Asian demand.

The deteriorate reopened in Aug with clever prices and locate numbers that demeanour copious after grave numbers early in a decade.

Workers in a blurb fishing attention seemed to win a turn in a regulatory conflict when a pierce to settle locate shares — a argumentative fishing magnitude — were deserted by sovereign government councils for several fisheries, including limp and grouper in a South Atlantic.

Under locate shares, specific fishermen or groups would get to collect a specific commission of a fishery’s sum acceptable catch. Lobster bonds are were rated healthy adequate to not need a adoption of locate shares for a industry.

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Outdoors Calendar: Dec. 30, 2011

Wednesday: Free convention on trolling for sailfish and dolphin with Capt. Pete Morello of My Other Honey charters during 7 p.m. during West Marine, 2506 S.E. Federal Highway, Stuart. Information: 772-223-1515.

Jan. 7: Treasure Coast Casters giveaway from seaside fishing contest for ages 5 to 11 from 9 to 11 a.m. during Harbour Pointe Park, Fort Pierce. Information: 772-201-5773.

Jan. 7: Angler Appreciation Day during Southern Angler, 4695 S.E. Dixie Highway, Port Salerno. Demonstrations for fly tying, rod building, captivate creation and timber figure are scheduled. There also will be vendors, such as internal artists, charge groups, fishing clubs and guides, and a 15 percent off banking for use on store sell and raffle prizes. Information: 772-223-1300.

Jan. 13-15: 38th annual Stuart Boat Show presented by a Marine Industries Association of a Treasure Coast during 3 marinas and along Dixie Highway northwest of a aged Roosevelt Bridge. Vendors and businesses wanted. Call for prices on booths, spaces and soppy slips. Information: 305-868-9224.

Jan. 14: Port St. Lucie Anglers Club Nautical Flea Market from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. during Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens, 241 S.E. Westmoreland Blvd., Port St. Lucie. Vendors wanted to sell used fishing tackle, boating apparatus and more. Display spaces are $15 for PSL Anglers Club and Botanical Garden Club members with $10 for additional spaces. Non-club members can lease spaces for $25 and $15 for additional space. Information: or 772-233-8884.

Sunday: Spotted seatrout deteriorate opens to collect south of Flagler-Volusia county line. Information:

Sunday by Apr 30: Shallow H2O grouper deteriorate is sealed to collect in sovereign waters of a South Atlantic region. Information:

Through Jan. 29: Second proviso of steep sport deteriorate open. Information:

Through Jan. 31: Snook deteriorate sealed for harvest, locate and recover only. Information:

Through Mar 31: Vermilion limp deteriorate is sealed to collect in sovereign waters of a South Atlantic region. Information:

Through Mar 31: Spiny lobster deteriorate is open in Florida. State diving and fishing manners apply. Limits: Carapace smallest length 3 inches; bag extent 6 per chairman per day statewide. Information:

Through May 31: Black sea drum deteriorate is sealed to collect in sovereign waters of a South Atlantic region. Information:


Call Outdoors author Ed Killer during 772-221-4201 or email him during

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Paradise Bank presents a 2012 Charity Billfish Blast

Plans are underway for a many rewarding weekend of a year, a 2012 Charity Billfish Blast to advantage a Twin Palms Center for a Disabled in Boca Raton.

Presented by Paradise Bank and Mahogany Services Inc, a weekend of fishing, food, fun, and fad is designed for Feb 10th and 11th during a Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo.

Lots of good prizes will be awarded to tip anglers in several divisions.  Great entertainment, auction items, and raffle prizes will be provided.

Proceeds from this special weekend will advantage a really estimable organisation of people during a Twin Palms Center for a Disabled located in Boca Raton.

The idea of a Twin Palms Center for a Disabled is to urge a peculiarity of life for people diagnosed with developmental challenges. They dedicate their module to educating a village on a talents and abilities that these people possess.

With a settled idea to inspire particular expansion and growth by training social, educational and daily vital skills in a protected and understanding environment, they accomplish this design while treating people with a grace and honour that they find and deserve

“Paradise Bank is committed to free works within a community,” settled Bill Burke, President of Paradise Bank.  “We are really unapproachable to be partial of a Charity Billfish Blast and a Twin Palms Center for a Disabled.”

Sponsorship opportunities are accessible during all levels.  For some-more information about a Twin Palms Center for a Disabled, greatfully revisit

For some-more information about a 2012 Charity Billfish Blast, greatfully hit Lisa Mundell during (561) 392-5444 or by e-mail during


Boca Raton Society for a Disabled, a 501(C)(3) Corporation d/b/a Twin Palms Center for a Disabled, was founded in 1968 by members of Soroptimist International of Boca Raton/Deerfield Beach and parents.  They saw a need for a structured sourroundings for their adult children diagnosed with developmental disabilities who had nowhere to go for socialization and persisting preparation once they outgrew a open propagandize system.

Paradise Bank is a full use blurb bank with offices in Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale and Delray Beach, Fl. For additional information hit Bill Burke, President, during 561-392-5444 or revisit

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Key Largo Fishing Report – 12-09-11

by Captain Dana Banks

Fishing has been good a past week!  The winds are still floating bringing attract fish to a surface. The sails have been attack a live attract in a blue water.  There have been some implausible battles throwing and releasing a satisfactory share of Sailfish.

We have also been using into schools of Mahi Mahi, holding some good sized fish – 20-35 lb range. It seems each time we go out, we are throwing Dolphin. Some of a catches have been genuine battles, though so most fun.

We are saying some kings now and then, along with drill mackerel chasing attract fish – so live attract seems to be operative well.

Talking to other Captains, there are copiousness of Grouper and Snapper on a reefs and wrecks during night.

The continue conditions have been on a severe side due to a breezy conditions and flitting fronts. The temperatures on a H2O are mild, nonetheless we get strike with a sleet shout here and there.

The good news is that a fishing looks good for December.

Come fish with us down in a Keys
Captain Dana Banks
The War Bird – Charter Boat – Sportfishing
Florida Keys Saltwater Fishing
Key Largo, Florida

(305) 394-7420

Deep Sea Fishing – Reef Fishing – Wreck Fishing
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Key West Sailfish Tournament Approaches

03d84 florida keys Key West Sailfish Tournament Approaches

The 16th Annual Key Largo Sailfish Challenge is set for Jan. 6-8, right during a tallness of a Florida Keys sailfish season. The eventuality is to be headquartered during Sundowners on a Bay, located during mile pen 103.9 bayside in Key Largo.

As usual, a contest will be characterized by accessible though critical competition, professionalism and intercourse among anglers who put their 20-pound line skills to task.

Cash prizes and trophies wait a tournament’s first-, second- and third-place teams.

It all starts with a 6 p.m. registration Friday during Sundowner’s with cocktails and a kick-off celebration to follow.

Fishing starts Saturday, Jan. 7, with lines in a H2O during 8 a.m. Lines-out is to be called during 4 p.m. Sunday’s fishing runs from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cocktails and a smorgasboard are set for 6:30 p.m., with a awards rite to follow during 7:30 p.m.

Auctions and raffles are to prominence a weekend event, whose deduction advantage a Coral Shores High School rope program.

Up to 4 anglers per vessel can register. Entry price for a initial angler per vessel is $525, a second and third compensate $475 each, and there is no assign for a fourth.

Tournament registration: Tammie Gurgiolo during 305-240-9337 or

For some-more information on other arriving tournaments, click here.

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South Florida Fishing Report – 12-8-2011


Captain Chris Johnson of SeaSquared charters out of Marathon reported Spanish mackerel are vast and thick in 8 to 12 feet of H2O in Florida Bay. Anglers Clifford Kemp and Larry Harris from North Carolina found that out when they landed some-more than 20 vast Spanish mackerel while fishing with live shrimp.


Captain Jamie Owens from a celebration vessel Atlantis out of Haulover Marina reported day boats fishing offshore of Haulover Inlet have been throwing kingfish, dolphins, tunas and black grouper. Lester Wenger of Lester’s Live Bait out of Haulover Inlet reported kingfish to 25 pounds, dolphins to 40 pounds, and wisecrack groupers are being held on live baits fished giveaway lined and on a bottom outward of 100 feet of water. Captain Jimbo Thomas from a licence vessel Thomas Flyer out of Bayside Marina reported sparse schools of mackerel are still in a area of Government Cut.

KEYS reported copiousness of sailfish are accessible along a reefs, where they are feeding on live ballyhoo. Further offshore a good volume of dolphins and blackfin tuna are available. During a 48th annual Islamorada Sailfish Tournament, Team Bodacious consisting of Henry and Shay Danzig of Tavernier, Allen Wood and Nick Stanczyk released 22 sailfish that warranted a group tip honors Taylor Walsh


Captain Charlie Conner of FishTales Charters out of Port St. Lucie reported descending H2O temperatures have changed sea trout, redfish, drum and snook into deeper areas, generally underneath docks and bridges. Spanish mackerel and bluefish have been accessible in a inlets and into a River. Pompano can be found in a surf.


Lance Harke and his son Eric from Miami Shores fished Florida Bay with captain Alan Sherman of Get Em Sportfishing Charters and boated dual slot-sized redfish, expelled 10 other redfish and a 30-pound tarpon that ate live pilchards and pinfish. Captain Jim Hobales of Caught Lookin Charters fished a backcountry of Whitewater and Oyster Bays and held some-more than 12 redfish on live shrimp fished underneath a Cajun Thunder float.


Captain Pete Rapps of Captain Rapp’s Fishing Charters reported fishing a north side of Chokoloskee over tough bottom with live pilchards. His anglers have been scoring on snook to 33 inches and copiousness of redfish. Captain Terry Pitz of Fishing Southwest Florida Charters out of Pine Island reported redfish to 30 inches can be found scholastic up, and during times tailing on a flats and in a creeks on a low stages of a tides. Sea fish are thick over a sandy holes and over a grass. Snook are relocating into a backcountry and can be found along a points and during a mouths of creeks and passes.


Captain Michael Shellen of Shellen Guide Service out of Buckhead Ridge on Lake Okeechobee reported outrageous numbers of largemouth drum and speckled roost are accessible around Grassy Island, Tin House Cove, Indian Prairie and a easterly side a lake around JS. Largemouth drum are aggressive tip H2O lures in a early mornings along a weeds. Casting spinner baits and Skinny Dippers in a Houdini and California 420 colors into a weeds and complicated cover is producing largemouth bass. Speckled roost are attack live minnows trustworthy to a tiny hop in a same areas as a bass. Captain Alan Zaremba reported fishing a C-8 waterway with floating rapala lures has been producing utterly a few peacock, largemouth drum and snook to 14 pounds.



Will contest deteriorate furnish fishing estimable of ‘Sailfish Capital of a World?’

The year was 1938. It was January.

Sport fishing was flourishing out of a roots of blurb fishing. Treasure Coast watermen were training that anglers would compensate them for their skills to beam them to a day’s locate of fish.

Sailfish were thick off Stuart that winter. Having tiny or no value during a market, they were mostly not targeted. Until sportsmen satisfied a loyal value of a sailfish — as maybe a ocean’s many pretentious diversion fish.

That second week of Jan 1938, Ernie Lyons, a longtime editor of a Stuart News, had organised for outside editors from around a nation to fish with a area’s licence boats. That week, good over 100 sailfish were held trolling mullet.

Happily tired editors returned to home cities in New York, St. Louis, Washington and Miami. They described to their readerships their good adventures throwing dozens of a stately competition fish famous as a sailfish. One clerk even suggested that “the sailfishing is so good off Stuart, they competence as good name it a capital.”

Thus was innate an iconic nickname and a tiny town’s image.

“Sailfish Capital of a World” was bestowed on Stuart and Martin County by area leaders who famous a selling intensity for tourism. Over a years, competition fishermen have debated either Stuart and a Treasure Coast was still estimable of a title. Robust sailfish fisheries in Mexico, Panama, Key West, Venezuela and Costa Rica have all risen as primary destinations for a sport.

But a past dual winters on a Treasure Coast sent a absolute message. When it comes to throwing sailfish in Dec and January, there might be no improved place in a universe to do it than right here.

Sampling locate and recover totals from a area’s 5 determined sailfish tournaments, a numbers are inarguable. Four of a area events’ top 7 totals were available during a past dual winters. Remarkable deliberation a series of boats that collected for a events has been trending downwards for scarcely 10 years.

As good as a sailfish movement was a year ago, one longtime contest skipper is not as confident about this season’s prospects in terms of sum numbers of held fish. Capt. Scott Fawcett of Jensen Beach directed a contest fishing group aboard Joe Lehner’s Bone Shaker to a pretension in a desired Treasure Coast Sailfish Championship.

Fawcett led Lehner, anglers Sky Wichers, Van Wichers, and friends Kyle Francis, Brandon Walton and Patrick Price to a record locate of 73 sailfish over 9 days during a run opposite 3 of a area’s oldest events. It cracked a 15-year-old Championship’s prior record by 16.

Over a subsequent dual weeks, Fawcett’s group will fish in a area’s initial 3 sailfish tournaments of a season. Coming off a win in final weekend’s Palm Beach Sailfish Classic, he hopes Bone Shaker’s enchanting 2011 continues.

“We might not have a ensign seasons like we saw a final dual years,” pronounced Fawcett whose group held 14 sailfish in a Classic’s dual days. “We had a good early start to a deteriorate in September, though a fish we’re throwing now are not as concentrated.”

Fawcett pronounced a attract does not seem to be around. The final dual seasons, schools of sardines, threadfin herring and tinker mackerel could be found over many of a area’s healthy and synthetic reefs and shipwrecks. Everywhere there was signs of active sea life. Now, not so much.

“There’s no necessity of dolphin right now and that’s a good sign, though a attract has disappeared. The sailfish we are throwing are different. They are some-more shy, they don’t glow adult on a teaser baits as aggressively. Last year it seemed like we couldn’t make a spin though lifting a fish.”

Sailfish movement this deteriorate might be reduction oriented to bottom structure, he said. Fawcett pronounced anglers seeking to locate a few sailfish will do best by trolling along a stream rip, a weed line or where there is a tone change. The sailfish, he believes, are not entertainment here this year, though are migrating through.

But usually a sailfish know for sure.



When: Monday by Wednesday

Years: 11

Marina: Finest Kind, 3585 S.E. St. Lucie Blvd., Stuart

Format: Open (professional captains and friends might quarrel fish)


Phone: 772-223-4110


When: Dec. 1-4

Years: 24

Marina: Pirates Cove Resort, 4307 S.E. Bayview Dr., Port Salerno

Format: Open


Phone: 772-287-2500


When: Dec. 1 by Jan. 7

Years: 14

Format: Mixed

Fished: During march of 3 tournaments


Phone: 772-286-9373


When: Dec. 8-11

Years: 58

Marina: Sailfish Marina, 3565 S.E. St. Lucie Blvd., Stuart

Format: Amateur with one paid crewmen allowed


Phone: 772-286-9373


When: Jan. 3-7, 2012

Years: 32

Marina: Pelican Yacht Club, 1400 Seaway Dr., Fort Pierce

Format: Amateur


Phone: 772-464-1734


When: Jan. 19-22, 2012

Years: 31

Marina: Sailfish Point Yacht Club and Marina, Sailfish Point

Format: Amateur


Phone: 772-225-1700


Finest Kind Quickie: Zues, Capt. Glenn Cameron, 19 releases*

Pirates Cove Sailfish Classic: 2010: Cowpoke, Capt. Mike Brady, 24 releases

Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament: 2010: Cowpoke, Capt. Mike Brady, 28 releases

Pelican Yacht Club Invitational Billfish: 2011: Lo Que Sea, Capt. Kevin Paul, 24 releases

Sailfish Point Yacht Club Invitational: 2011: Koo Koo, Capt. Kevin Adrian, 5 releases

Treasure Coast Sailfish Championship: 2011: Bone Shaker, Capt. Scott Fawcett, 73 releases*

* – Tournament record


538: 1997 Stuart Sailfish Club Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament, 45 boats (4 days)

408: 2010 Pelican Yacht Club Invitational Billfish Tournament, 29 boats

386: 2004 Pelican Yacht Club Invitational Billfish Tournament, 52 boats

377: 2011 Pelican Yacht Club Invitational Billfish Tournament, 30 boats

348: 2009 Stuart Sailfish Club Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament, 21 boats

330: 2006 Fort Pierce Billfish Derby, 17 boats

330: 2010 Pirates Cove Sailfish Classic, 30 boats

304: 1994 Stuart Sailfish Club Light Tackle Tournament, 38 boats

303: 1977 Stuart Sailfish Club Light Tackle Tournament, 54 boats

278: 2004 Sailfish Point Invitational Sailfish Tournament, 24 boats

* Tournament record


QUICKIE: 116 releases by 21 boats fishing 2 days straight

PIRATES COVE: 330* by 30 boats fishing 3 days straight

LIGHT TACKLE: 295 by 17 boats fishing 3 of 4 days

PELICAN: 377 by 30 boats fishing 3 of 4 days

SAILFISH POINT: 26 by 11 boats fishing 2 of 3 days

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Outdoors: Sailfish could net propitious angler a million dollar

PORT SALERNO — Is there a sailfish value $1 million swimming along a Treasure Coast?

That will be a blazing doubt asked with each one held during a 11th annual Quickie Sailfish Tournament being fished Tuesday and Wednesday out of Finest Kind Offshore Tackle and Sailfish Marina.

In a singular format, fishing teams that locate and recover a tagged sailfish will have an event to pull an pouch from 200. One pouch could produce a winning sheet value $1 million.

Five-time Quickie leader and fortifying champion Capt. Glenn Cameron will lead a group aboard Lo Que Sea. Anglers Jim Vaughn and Mark Wodlinger lapse along with partner Austin Robbins and others. Cameron pronounced a sailfish movement newly has been really unsuitable and is not tighten to a settlement enjoyed during final year’s nearby record Quickie. Although a licence vessel Sea Check with Capt. V.J. Bell did have an 8-of-13 sailfish day Friday.

“We have not had good fishing adult a line — instead a lot of fish have been holding to a south,” he said. “We’ll see what a week brings.”

During a 2010 Quickie, Cameron and group fishing aboard a vessel Zues, wound adult throwing 19 sailfish in a event’s dual days, a top sum for a vessel in a tournament’s run. The 21 boats final year held and expelled 116 sailfish, only 4 bashful of a tournament’s record 120 held in 2005.

This year 18 boats will fish, according to contest authority Krista Chasmar.

Cameron pronounced sometimes, when there is a swift of boats fishing for sailfish, a fish seem to only uncover up.

“Once everybody is out there and putting out their ‘A’ spread, things can change quickly,” he said.

The Quickie is a opener for a five-event Treasure Coast sailfish contest season. Next adult is a Pirates Cove Sailfish Classic Friday by Sunday.

Teams will fish Tuesday and Wednesday for a payout in additional of $100,000. Boats might leave by St. Lucie or Fort Pierce Inlets and contingency lapse to Manatee Pocket by 5 p.m. For some-more information revisit

Marine forecast

Tuesday: West winds 10 to 15 knots. Seas 3 to 5 feet. A assuage clout on intracoastal waters.

Wednesday: Northwest winds 10 knots. Seas 2 to 3 feet. A light clout on intracoastal waters.

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