Florida Solar Pump

The idea of using solar energy to power portions or your whole home, is a great idea for South Florida due to the amount of sun we get, but the cost of doing so has prevented most people to try. Now there is a more affordable solution that actually has a payback period that can justify the cost and will help cut pollution on a very large scale.

Florida Solar Pool PumpRun your Solar Pool Pump from Sun Up to Sun Down for Free – using the power of the Sun

Solar Pool Pumps are quiet, run cool, are energy  efficient and are Long-lasting.

Get a 30% Federal Tax Credit Off the Purchase & Installation of your Solar Pool Pump

Sales tax exemption of up to 7.5% (varies by county)

Maintenance-free residential & commercial use

Powers the the pool pump with existing pool heaters and automatic pool cleaners

Up to $16,000 in added home value

One-day installation (after permits are secured)

Each kWh produced by coal-burning power plants contributes 1.9 pounds of pollutants to our atmosphere! This means the average solar pool pump installation prevents over 11,000 pounds of pollutants from entering our atmosphere each year.

Reasons to buy your Solar Pool Pump from Florida Solar Pump:

  1. Our solar pumps are in stock ready to ship versus having to order them from overseas
  2. Our solar pump packages are pre wired and tested before shipping!
  3. Our products are ready to install out of the box!
  4. Our product has its warrantee in the United States
  5. We offer free installation tech support
  6. We include a DC GFCI – Cut off Switch with a built in lightning arrestor
  7. Our product has been tested and certified by the F.S.E.C
  8. Assembled and Tested in the USA

Reduce your carbon footprint. Fight pollution emissions. Cut your energy costs. Add to your home’s value – and your household bottom line.

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