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Season’s Greetings Everyone
The winter solstice on Dec. 21st, is the first day of winter, but it is also recognized as the return of light in many different cultures . Although the earth is farthest from the sun this time of year, the solstice marks the halfway point when the earth starts to tilt towards the sun and the days become longer. In the Taoist tradition this is considered the light within the darkness (yang within yin). It’s helpful to remember that even though there are times when it seems the darkness in the world is determined to envelop us, the seed of light is always present. Also, just as yin cannot exist without yang, darkness cannot exist without light. In your travels this holiday season, take note of the decorative lights as a symbolic reminder to keep the light within. The more we collectively nurture our inner light, the brighter our existence on the earth will be.

We have some great activities in December and the New Year. See event listings below! Also, in this newsletter, we are highlighting some of the items in our Earth Shop.

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December 09 & January, 2010

Shoyeido Incense
This 300 year old family owned company makes some of the highest quality incense we’ve found. All natural ingredients that have been masterfully blended for twelve generations. There are no fragrances added and the subtle scents are perfect for meditation, a spiritual corner or special observance.

Mycoherb -Mushroom Extracts

  • The number of mushroom species is currently estimated at 140,000, with only 14,000 named as a species, and known to science. Mushrooms provide a link for us with the Taoist sages of ancient China who leaned on Reishi-carved staffs and shared the same magnetic attraction to those medicinal fungi. The sages revered these herbs because they protected their health and increased their longevity.
  • Extracts of Reishi, Shitake, Tremella and other single or combined formulas for enhancing immunity, improving respiratory functioning, enhancing endurance and stamina and other healing qualities are available. Some by special order only!

Cold & Flu Season – over the counter Chinese herbal remedies
Yin Qiao, Gan Mao Ling – Great first aid remedies for the initial signs & symptoms of a cold or flu such as: mild chills or no chills, low grade fever, aversion to wind, body aches, scratchy or sore throat, fatigue, headache, thirst, nasal congestion, sneezing. In Chinese medicine this is considered wind heat or wind cold invasion.

Digestive Aid
Bao He Wan eliminates food stagnation, moves qi and harmonizes the stomach. This remedy is indicated for abdominal bloating, sensation that food is “stuck” and cannot move through the digestive track, hyperacidity

Dec. Review Classes & New January Sessions

Qigong & Yoga

December 17, 2009 6:30-8:00 pm
GOD’S PLAYING IN THE CLOUDS – qigong review class
Experienced and New Students Welcome. Class Fee: $10.00

NEW! 10 week session begins Thursday, January 14th. 2010
God’s Playing in the Clouds is one of the most valuable practices for longevity and aging with energy. It is an advanced nei gung practice consisting of six simple movements with internal mind-body interactions and physical bio-mechanical connections that are subtle and sophisticated. This practice was the only chi gung set practiced by Grandmaster Liu Hung Chieh in his eighties. He was a lineage disciple of the founder of Wu style tai chi and teacher of Bruce Frantzis.

This is a beginning and foundational class. Emphasis will be on understanding the mechanics of the movement and depending on the class experience, appropriate components of nei gung principles. One aspect of this movement is the development of foundational skills for meditative practice.
$15.00 per class

Instructor Frank Iborra has over 38 yrs. experience in the Asian movement arts, is a licensed and certified acupuncture physician, certified movement instructor, and Taoist student & mentor

No pre-requisite or prior experience is necessary.

TAO YOGA Review Class – Sunday, December 20th 10:30 – 12:30
In this session, Frank will give specific guidance and instruction relative to sinking, scanning and dissolving energy for chronic conditions, traumas and severe stress.
Class Fee: $15.00

TAO Yoga – NEW 10 week Session begins Sunday, January 17th. 2010
Tao Yoga is a form of Chi Gung. All chi gung forms are basically energy work for developing the power to heal. The practices taught at White Crane come from a 3000 yr. old Taoist system and are simple to learn yet sophisticated in their application.

How does TAO Yoga differ from Hatha Yoga?
Hatha Yoga uses postures or asanas and breath control (pranayama) to energize subtle channels (nadis). Tao yoga uses gentle movements and breath to move and balance chi. In Hatha yoga you stretch in order to relax, whereas in TAO yoga, you relax in order to stretch. You find the point that is around 70% of your physical extension or range of motion, then relax the body, mind and spirit.

TAO Yoga chi gung can improve hatha or any yoga practice because the internal training tunes the body to feel how the different poses are affecting the deep physical and emotional layers. Chi Gung’s emphasis on moderation and softening give the nerves the ability to release the muscles so that the body gains the flexibility needed to get into and hold the yoga postures. Awareness of chi movement or prana energy is also increased to prevent overstretching which can lead to injuries.

The goal of is to progressively incorporate all the principles of internal Chi Gung (nei gung) within each posture. This includes releasing blocked energy at points within the channels, pulsing the fluids in your joints, internal organs and spinal vertebrae; and manipulating the energy within your etheric field or aura. As always, the emphasis in Taoist practice is towards the spiritual.

This series of classes will be taught in two levels for beginners and those with some experience in TAO yoga. The class will also explore healing with sound, chanting, singing bowls and tuning forks.

Class Fee: $15.00 a class
To Register: 954/721-7252

Reiki Sessions
Every Tues. evening at 7pm Call Laura for details – 954-673-6667

Holiday Gathering

Saturday, Dec. 26th. 9:30 am

MEET US IN THE PARK – weather permitting, for some holiday Qigong!!!
NOTE: in case of rain, we’ll meet at the center as usual. Class will be held at Heritage Park on Peters Rd. in Plantation. Call us if you need directions at 954-721-7252.

From all of us at White Crane, we wish you a joyous holiday and a new year full of vibrant health and good fortune!

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White Crane Healing Arts Center

It's Summer in South Florida and we hope you are all staying cool and dry.  Frank Iborra wrote a note on the summer solstice and even though it has just passed, I'm sending it because it still has relevance in the future and relates to the upcoming study group. Following also is the information for the July events.  

For a class schedule you can go to the blog at www.whitecranehealingarts.com

Summer Solstice

Today is the Summer Solstice which is the time when yang has reached its peak and yin begins to grow.  This is considered in the Taoist tradition, the best time for people to control their vitality, so as not to over-extend themselves.  The Summer Solstice is one of eight high energy days observed by the Yellow Emperor’s calendar.  

This system of natural energetic cycles, as observed by the Chinese people over countless generations informs and guides us in regards to agriculture, daily activities, and spiritual cultivation.   The Ancients through texts such as the I Ching, teach the natural energy cycles so that our intuition and natural instincts can evolve.  This is one way to live in greater harmony and connect to the deep source.

Two FREE Summer Events

Mystical Studies In TAO
(discussion-study group)

Saturday, July 12th. 10:00 – 11:30 am

Cycles, Circles, Rhythms and Chi will be the subject of this group.

We’ll use Inspirational readings and life experience to share knowledge, wisdom and spiritual guidance.  We’ll also discuss how to integrate this information into daily life.

Meet the Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Wednesday, July 16th. 6:30-7:30 pm

Frank Iborra is a state licensed and nationally certified acupuncture physician, herbalist and chi gung practitioner with over 38 yrs. experience.  He will answer health questions and give practical guidance from a holistic perspective that includes diet, herbs, mind-body practices, acupuncture and energy bodywork.

A simple chi gung practice will also be taught.


White Crane Healing Arts
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Info or directions:  954/721-7252