Yellowstone Sends 100 Wild Buffalo to Slaughter

Addressing a attribute with a buffalo, Buffalo Field Campaign co-founder Lakota Elder Rosalie Littler Thunder once said, “human beings have lost their purpose.” Indeed, those who work for Yellowstone National Park have positively lost theirs: to safety [wild buffalo], unimpaired, for benefaction and destiny generations.”

One hundred and fifty of America’s last furious buffalo were positively “impaired” this week, carrying endured a hells of Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek constraint facility. For some, this calamity debate is still underway.

Inside Yellowstone's Stephens Creek bison trap. Photo credit: Stephany Seay / Buffalo Field Campaign
Inside Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek bison trap. Photo credit: Stephany Seay / Buffalo Field Campaign

On Tuesday and Wednesday, in response to a public entrance lawsuit, Yellowstone National Park postulated a media debate of their Stephens Creek trap. Mike Mease and we attended on interest of a Buffalo Field Campaign. What we saw will give us nightmares, though it is vicious for us to be here to get a brief glance of what goes on in this area Yellowstone hides from a public.

Captive buffalo were run by a gauntlet of a fortified stock corral, “worked” in a fist trench called a “Silencer,” where their blood was drawn, their teeth were checked for age and where they were weighed, tagged and “released” to rush down a long, dry mezzanine where they were distant by age and sex and perpetually ripped from their families. As we review this they are in a routine of being shipped to slaughter.

Park wranglers mist buffalo deeper into Yellowstone's trap. Photos credit: Stephany Seay / Buffalo Field Campaign
Park wranglers mist buffalo deeper into Yellowstone’s trap. Photos credit: Stephany Seay / Buffalo Field Campaign

Tuesday morning, commencement during a mangle of dawn, 75 frightened and confused furious buffalo were run by this residence of horrors; early Wednesday morning 30 female buffalo from this organisation were congested onto dual stock trailers hired by a InterTribal Buffalo Council and shipped to a slaughterhouse. Later that same morning, a remaining 75 buffalo endured a same mistreatment. On Thursday morning, 63 more buffalo went to slaughter, with another 75 calves and yearlings are being hold “just in case” Yellowstone’s 50 bison quarantine devise is approved.

The sound in a trap was deafening. Buffalo were slamming opposite a walls, ramming into any other and bellowing in fear or to find family members. The sounds they done with their voices and their bodies took over everything. They were congested into a trap’s “bull pen,” where park wranglers on catwalks—silent for a media tour, though routinely “yipping” and hollering—jabbed and prodded them from above, forcing them to pierce to preferred locations and where pushed into “the Silencer.”

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