Watch Bernie Sanders Discuss Brussels Attack on ‘Kimmel’

Bernie Sanders visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on “Western Tuesday,” the same day a apprehension conflict killed over 30 people in Brussels, Belgium. During his talk with Kimmel, Sanders spoke about interlude ISIS as good as since Americans are some-more prone to align with tough-talking possibilities in a emanate of a apprehension attack.

“I consider people get afraid, and for good reason. ISIS is a disgusting, barbarous classification – we’ve seen what they’ve finished in Paris, what they’ve finished in Brussels – and people are fearful of an conflict in a United States,” Sanders said. “But what we have to know is that we’re not gonna criticise a Constitution of a United States of America in sequence to effectively destroy ISIS. We can do that. So a idea in this emanate is to destroy ISIS in bloc with Muslim nations on a ground, with a support of a United States and other vital powers. we consider we can do that.”

Sanders pronounced a pivotal to interlude ISIS, in further to a military, is improved information pity between nations as good as preventing radicals from enchanting with these apprehension groups around amicable media. “At a finish of a day, we can not concede a Trumps of a universe to use these incidents to conflict all of a Muslim people in a world. That is unfair,” Sanders added. “To indicate that since somebody is a Muslim, they are a terrorist, that is an vast statement, equally so when he talks about Mexicans entrance over a limit are rapists and criminals. That is not what this nation is about. We don’t need, in my view, a claimant using for boss hurling these forms of insults.”

Sanders after suggested that he has never met Donald Trump – “I didn’t go to his marriage either,” a poke during Hillary Clinton, who was in assemblage during a commitment – and that while he supports states’ rights to confirm legalizing marijuana, he’s some-more endangered about issues that will impact his grandchildren’s future, like meridian control and lead tainted water.

Sanders also certified that he and Clinton infrequently have private conversations, and that he’s not to censure for Clinton’s “historic” “unfavorability numbers” in some polls. “What we have attempted to do in this debate is concentration on a genuine issues impacting a American people,” Sanders said. “We have been really clever about not aggressive Secretary Clinton in any kind of personal way. Other people do that, we have not.”