Sugar taxation – will it unintentionally penalize diabetics?

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Chris Loukes

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Yvette Loukes has form 1 diabetes and carries Lucozade with her everywhere she goes in box her blood sugarine levels drop

Parents of teenagers with form 1 diabetes contend George Osborne’s devise to lift a cost of sweetened drinks will have an unintended impact on their families.

On Wednesday a chancellor denounced plans to taxation soothing drinks manufacturers who put vast amounts of sugarine in their products.

But people with form 1 diabetes contend sweetened drinks like Lucozade are a prerequisite and not a oppulance that should be taxed.

‘We spend a satisfactory volume of income on competition drinks’

Chris Loukas from Urmston in Trafford, Greater Manchester, says his teenage daughter Yvette is sporty, fit and healthy. She manages her form 1 diabetes with appetite drinks that enclose sugarine .

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James Lester

“Yvette was diagnosed during a age of four. As a family, we spend a satisfactory volume of income on Lucozade appetite and competition drinks. Not all kids who frequently devour costly sweetened drinks are lazy, overweight slobs,” Chris says.

“My daughter is really fit, she plays football and has played competition during high levels for a final 10 years.”

‘This sugarine taxation is only another flog in a teeth’

Supporters of a sugarine tax, including Jamie Oliver, trust it will assistance tackle child obesity.

But Chris says it’s astray and could finish adult putting an nonessential weight on a NHS.

“People with coeliac illness can get prescriptions for gluten-free foods. Parents strapped for money competence ask to get Lucozade on medication in a future.

“I am peaceful to compensate for a Lucozade my daughter drinks though this sugarine taxation is only another flog in a teeth and I’m endangered it will put vigour on a already-stretched NHS.”

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James Lester

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Yvette wants to play football professionally one day and is dynamic that her condition will not reason her back

Yvette, 17, plays for Manchester United under-17s ladies football team, who have reached their first-ever FA Youth Cup final where they face Arsenal subsequent month.

‘I feel faint, like we am going to collapse. It’s scary’

She always has a bottle of Lucozade to palm in box her blood sugarine levels drop, something that happens a few times a week.

The family contend they have begun stocking adult on a glucose splash before a sugarine taxation takes outcome from 2018 .

“If we don’t splash Lucozade we feel faint, like we am going to collapse. It’s scary,” Yvette says.

“I adore personification football, we wish to play a competition professionally one day and we can't let my diabetes reason me back.

“My favourite is Sir Steve Redgrave since he also has diabetes though he hasn’t let it impact him.

“He is a good impulse to me.”

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Chris Loukes

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Yvette Loukes: “I had this design taken with my favourite Sir Steve Redgrave a few years ago”

Sugar taxation grant card

Chris says a family are doing all they can to maximize Yvette’s opening on a representation and he has a idea for Chancellor George Osborne to consider.

“Maybe a Government should cruise providing form 1 diabetics, whose condition is occasionally caused by bad lifestyle choices, some arrange of sweetened splash taxation grant card.

“Type 1 sufferers who play competition like my daughter, during a really top level, during slightest contingency be estimable of such consideration.”

Diabetes: form 1 vs form 2

  • Diabetes is a condition where a physique can't umpire blood sugarine levels, since of problems with a hormone insulin
  • In form 1 diabetes, a physique is incompetent to furnish any insulin
  • In form 2 diabetes, not adequate insulin is constructed or a insulin that is done by a physique doesn’t work properly

Living with form 1 diabetes

Diabetes explained

Chris Askew, CEO of Diabetes UK, pronounced “We entirely know that some people are really endangered about a sugarine taxation announcement.

“We know that people vital with form 1 diabetes, that is not related to lifestyle and can't be prevented, use sugar-sweetened drinks to provide low blood glucose levels and some people with form 2 diabetes also rest on high sugarine products in a government of their diabetes.

“This is because a magnitude should be introduced in a approach that doesn’t adversely impact on a approach people conduct their condition.”

‘Keeping my son alive got a lot some-more expensive’

The Loukes family’s concerns are not isolated. Kate Stephen’s son has form 1 diabetes.

“To stop my son going into a hypoglycaemic coma, he uses Lucozade to move his blood glucose levels up,” she says.

“The sugarine taxation will meant gripping my son alive only got a lot some-more expensive. We need to stop blaming a drinks.”

Lindsey Houghton’s 11-year-old son also has a condition.

“If his blood sugars tumble too low we have to provide it with drinks like Lucozade. We use this as it’s a fastest approach for a physique to catch sugar,” she says.

“Maybe we could use Coca-Cola instead, oh that’s right that’s going to be taxed too.”