Rescued Chimp Who Lived Alone for 18 Years Won’t Stop Holding Hands With New Friend

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Sometimes, all we need is a friend.

Two discovered chimpanzees found accurately that in any other. In fact, they’re holding onto their loyalty and refusing to let go.

A new video posted by a Save a Chimps refuge in Florida shows Terry and Jeannie, dual discovered chimpanzees, holding any other’s hands, never violation contact—even when one of them flips over and repositions:

Terry spent years of his life with someone who lerned chimpanzees for a Ice Capades, nonetheless he never achieved himself. In 1995, he and another chimpanzee named Simon were changed to a Las Vegas Zoo, yet Terry didn’t have his messenger for long, as Simon died shortly after a move. For 18 years, Terry was hold in unique capture during a hoary Las Vegas Zoo, a notoriously substandard facility that cramped 150 animals on only 3 acres. However, in 2013, when all a zoo staff mysteriously quit, he finally had a possibility and People for a Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) saw an event to assistance him.


We contacted a North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance to denote our support for promulgation Terry to a refuge instead of another roadside zoo. That compulsory supports and that’s where a favourite Sam Simon and another smashing PETA President’s Circle enthusiast stepped in. Thanks to their inexhaustible support, PETA could minister to Terry’s send to Save a Chimps, where he has lived ever since.

But notwithstanding Save a Chimps’ sprawling acreage and superb care, Terry didn’t adjust right away. The some-more than 250 chimpanzees during Save a Chimps live on 12 apart islands in vast “family” groups. According to the sanctuary’s site, Terry didn’t get along with all a members of a family in that he was primarily placed. This stirred a refuge to pierce him to another group—Jeannie’s.

Jeannie—lovingly called “Jeannie Mama” by some—was discovered from a scandalous laboratory in 2002, after 20 years spent there, according to Save a Chimps. During her time there, she was used for tact and gave birth to during slightest 4 babies and had dual miscarriages. Even yet the bond between chimpanzee mothers and babies is identical to a one that humans share with their children, Jeannie’s babies were taken divided from her during birth. Despite never carrying lifted her possess babies, during Save a Chimps, she is giveaway to “mother” and caring for a other discovered chimpanzees, a purpose that was denied to her for so many years.

She and Terry might share unpleasant pasts, yet now they seem to have all a adore they need. Sometimes, they denote even some-more love than only by holding hands:


And now they can be together for a rest of their days.

What You Can Do

Although Terry and Jeannie were rescued, so many other chimpanzees need a help. Click here to learn about how we can assistance chimpanzees kept in unique confinement.


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