Musk, DiCaprio and Rive Talk a Future of Solar during Tesla Gigafactory

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As a battle over Nevada’s solar-killing fees salary on, state lawmakers, supervision officials and prominent renewable energy advocates descended upon Tesla’s Gigafactory near Reno this week to plead a destiny of purify energy in a Silver State.

At Wednesday’s event, attendees were given a tour of a still-in-construction Gigafactory. Once complete, a large $5 billion battery plant will be 100 percent powered by renewable appetite sources, with a idea of achieving net 0 energy.

The Associated Press reported that actor and environmental romantic Leonardo DiCaprio was also during Gigafactory a same day to film a documentary he is directing on immature energy. He was not partial of a module though reportedly interviewed Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a film and met with some organizers and attendees, including Nevada Senate Minority Leader Aaron Ford (D-Las Vegas).

The event was orderly by Musk and SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive to advance the development of solar appetite in Nevada and to plead how Tesla’s apartment of in-home batteries works in tandem with a residential array. As Vegas Inc reported:

[Rive’s display focused] on how appetite storage batteries and rooftop solar can work to revoke aria on a grid and assistance utilities work some-more efficiently. The batteries, that are already being constructed during a Tesla Gigafactory, can store solar-generated appetite so that it can be used during night or during times of rise appetite usage.

According to a duplicate of his presentation, Rive will inspire a lawmakers to demeanour differently during a grid and welcome disruptive technologies, such as rooftop solar and home appetite storage.

“Nevada is during a forefront of a destiny of energy,” a content of Rive’s presentation said. “But a destiny of appetite will need care to capacitate change.”

Though it wasn’t categorically said, Rive’s criticism takes aim during Nevada’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which voted in Dec to boost a bound monthly price for solar business by about 40 percent while concurrently shortening a volume business get paid for additional appetite they sell to a grid.

A fierce net metering conflict has since ensued and is framed by media as a showdown between Warren Buffett—whose Berkshire Hathaway Energy owns NV Energy, a state’s largest utility—versus Musk, the chairman and largest shareholder in SolarCity.

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