Man charged with withdrawal stage of deadly accident, returning to censure another driver

Authorities contend a male indicted in tie with a hit-and-run genocide parked his automobile during a Wal-Mart and walked behind to a stage of a crash, where he told officers a walking had been strike by another driver.

William Desvergers, 27, of Pompano Beach, was arrested Thursday after investigators dynamic automobile tools found during a stage of a pile-up in Lighthouse Point matched a repairs to Desvergers’ pickup.

During a first-appearance justice conference Friday, Broward Circuit Court Judge Jack Tuter set a $130,000 bond and systematic Desvergers to obey his passport.

Investigators pronounced Desvergers was not during error in a pile-up that killed 62-year-old Claude Michaud, who had been channel a travel in a center of a retard when he was strike along North Federal Highway on Sept 13.