Eco-friendly, low VOC, Cleaning & Sealing Products for Pavers & Concrete

Eco Simplista - South Floridas personality and retailer of eco-friendly building reserve and home solutionsSurfaceLogix has been production quality musical and upkeep caring products for pavers, healthy mill and petrify surfaces given 1950, including Clear Paver Sealers, Roof Coatings, Surface Cleaners and Prep Products, Pigmented Concrete Sealer, Fertilizer and Rust Stain Remover, Efflorescence Remover, Non-Slip Additive, Decorative Concrete Decking, and a full line of eco-friendly, low VOC cleaning and sealing products. No matter a hardscape or musical petrify project, for over 60 years SurfaceLogix has a solution

SurfaceLogix Cobble Impregnator
Cobble Impregnator (CP) is a low-VOC, H2O based, transparent breathable sealer for safeguarding healthy stone, interlocking pavers and petrify surfaces. Providing a healthy demeanour coming with no sheen, Cobble Impregnator is ideal for providing insurance but changing a surface’s appearance.

SurfaceLogix Cobble Coat H20
Cobble Coat H2O is a low VOC, transparent H2O based, film-forming sealer that can be used to strengthen and bedeck petrify section pavers, petrify surfaces and a Texture Deck System. Cobble Coat H2O might also be used over travertine, healthy mill and many porous surfaces as it has glorious H2O insurgency and imprinting resistance.

SurfaceLogix Cobble Prep
Cobble Prep is an eco-friendly plan containing no muriatic or phosphoric poison and engineered to purify unblocked paving stones and petrify and ready surfaces for sealing. This rarely strong mix will mislay blow (white orange residue) and aspect stains ensuing from fertilizer, vegetation, and mortar. Cobble Prep is economical, easy to rinse, and provides a uniform aspect for sealer to be applied.

SurfaceLogix Cobble Loc
Cobble Loc is a newest record in waterborne insurance for petrify pavers, healthy stone, hammered concrete, petrify surfaces and a TD One Step.

SufaceLogix Cobble Clean
Industrial strength cleaners to mislay stains blemish from cement, pavers porous surfaces. Used to ready hardscape surfaces before focus with SurfaceLogix tip coats.

SurfaceLogix Cobble Enhancer
SurfaceLogix Cobble Enhancer creates a soppy demeanour but a glaze on healthy stone, interlocking section pavers or porous tiles. Penetrating sealer designed for a insurance of all middle to unenlightened porous surfaces. SurfaceLogix Cobble Enhancer forms a soppy demeanour separator that is resistant to moisture, stains and oil. It is non-yellowing and breathable.

SurfaceLogix Texture Deck
Use a Texture Deck Bags with a RTU creosote or 48% creosote combine to emanate a accumulation of patterns on aged and new concrete. When churned properly, a Texture Deck System can be practical to emanate a knock-down hardness finish, mill finish, and a accumulation of patterns regulating fasten or stencils.

SurfaceLogix Roof Loc
SurfaceLogix Roof Loc is a newest record in H2O formed insurance for petrify and petrify roof tiles and shingles. Resists ultraviolet light, fading, mould and algae, to keep your roof looking good longer between cleanings.

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