Congress, Listen to a People, Not a Polluters

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As we write this, corporate interests are holding a democracy hostage. Voter suppression—targeting communities of color, students and low-income Americans—is using rampant, fossil fuel money is warping a electoral routine and now, leaders in Congress are even restraint a satisfactory care of a Supreme Court nominee.

Photo credit: Shayne Robinson / Greenpeace
Photo credit: Shayne Robinson / Greenpeace

Democracy is one of a best collection we have to strengthen a environment, though a complement has been soiled by large money. We merit a democracy that represents all of us, not usually a rich few. A democracy that allows us to take quick transformation on today’s many obligatory issues, like interlude exile climate change and preventing environmental health disasters like a Flint H2O crisis.

Right now—as we ready to elect a subsequent boss and members of Congress—we have a possibility to make it happen.

Democracy Awakening is a transformation of thousands operative for a complement in that everybody can attend and each voice is heard. With your help, it can be a transformation of millions.

Here’s what we’re fighting for.

Restore Voting Rights

Casting a votes one of a many critical domestic cards many of us have to play—and it’s been tough won by many seeking enfranchisement. But in this election, a right to opinion is some-more during risk that during any time given a thoroughfare of a Voting Rights Act 50 years ago. Thanks to a 2013 Supreme Court ruling, we’ve seen state after state pass laws that shorten a right to vote, roughly all of them targeting low-income groups, people of tone and students.

And we improved trust that matters for environmental justice.

These groups are by distant a many expected to humour environmental harms—like industrial rubbish sites in their backyards and lead in their water—and have a fewest means to negate these injustices. Blocking a right to opinion usually creates it worse.

Instead of restricting rights, it’s time we start knocking down barriers and propping adult a right to vote.

Get Money Out

There’s a flattering candid reason that a same lawmakers station in a approach of a people-powered democracy are a ones denying a scholarship of meridian change and restraint environmental action: money. Fossil fuel money, to be exact.


Too many of a politicians are behaving in a interests of coal and oil barons instead of a people they’re ostensible to represent. Texas Senator and GOP presidential claimant Ted Cruz, for example, has taken a most income from hoary fuel lobbyists in this election. He’s also one of a most gross meridian deniers in office or maybe even in existence.

There’s also a flattering candid repair to this issue: get large income out of politics. Campaign financial reform, clarity and overturning Citizens United aren’t usually solutions for regulating democracy. When it comes to hoary fuel money, they’re a stepping stones we need to make genuine swell on environmental issues.

When It Comes to Democracy, It’s About All of Us

Democracy Awakening is not usually about a environment. It’s about groups from labor, students, secular justice, polite rights and some-more entrance together as a joined pro-democracy movement. Because if we’re going to make a democracy work for all of us and win on a issues that matter most, we need as many voices as probable on a side.

That’s because I’m assured we’ll succeed. Together, we can build a democracy in that income doesn’t buy entrance to energy and where everybody has an equal contend in a common future.

With each chairman that joins us, we’re that most closer to awakening a democracy that works for us—not corporate powers. Join a Democracy Awakening movement today!


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