Bernie Sanders tells supporters he sees a winning strain coming

Bernie Sanders smiles during a debate eventuality in Phoenix on Tuesday night. (Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News)FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Bernie Sanders, who fell serve behind Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential primaries, told supporters Wednesday that he has “an intensely good possibility to win scarcely each state that votes in a subsequent month.”

Sanders’s flushed comment comes as he tries to encourage supporters that he has a trail to a Democratic assignment notwithstanding a ascent lead by Clinton in a series of representatives indispensable to explain victory.

In a fundraising solicitation, a senator from Vermont wrote that Clinton had reached her “high-water mark” in a campaign.

“Starting today, a map now shifts dramatically in a favor,” Sanders said.

His take echoes a box his aides have sought to make in new days that Sanders is well-positioned to win all 3 contests Tuesday in Arizona, Idaho and Utah. Primaries and caucuses afterwards follow in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington state and Wisconsin.

It’s misleading how a movement gained by Clinton on Tuesday will cause into those contests. The former secretary of state won during slightest 4 of a 5 primaries, in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Illinois. Clinton also had a slight corner in Missouri, yet Sanders could ask a relate there.

Clinton’s debate also concurred Wednesday that Sanders could have an arriving winning strain yet voiced no worry about Clinton progressing a plain lead in a nominee count. In a Democratic race, representatives are awarded on a proportional basis, creation it formidable for a claimant to locate adult once he falls behind.

“Looking forward to a rest of March, Sen. Sanders is staid to have a widen of really auspicious states vote, including 5 caucuses subsequent week, that he is expected to win, and a primary in Arizona, in that he has invested some-more than $1.5 million in ads,” Clinton debate manager Robby Mook wrote in a memo to supporters. “Our affianced nominee lead is so poignant that even a fibre of victories by Sen. Sanders over a subsequent few weeks would have small impact.”

Sanders’s email questionnaire carried a theme header “How we respond to this moment.”

He pronounced that his debate has exceeded all expectations, winning 9 primaries and caucuses to this point, and pronounced that on Tuesday “we warranted a poignant series of delegates, and we are on lane for a nomination.”

Sanders, who aides pronounced was spending a day in Arizona, had no open appearances designed Wednesday.