6 transport apps for people who trust strangers

For most, a awaiting of creation yourself exposed to strangers is terrifying. This list is for a minority that has no problem depending on the kindness of strangers.

Although one of a best tools of roving is assembly new people and creation new connections, new advances in record transport a excellent line between ominous and usually plain creepy.

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These 6 apps can possibly be a good apparatus for training about a city from friends we haven’t met nonetheless or a fear film in a making.

So usually be intelligent out there, guys — and don’t contend nobody warned we about foreigner danger.


Image: overnight

Made for people who adore waking adult in a morning and perplexing to remember where they are, Overnight is a Airbnb for extemporaneous (and trusting) people.

Users dump a pin where they are, and circuitously hosts can offer to put them up. As a list of accessible pads pours in, users select where they wish to stay and make a engagement for that night. 

Overnight usually works in Los Angeles and Austin right now, though a association is formulation enlargement to New York and San Francisco.


Wingman started off as a tongue-in-cheek approach to find like-minded people on your moody and maybe join a mile-high club. But a thought has stretched to assistance travelers “meet people during your airport, on your flight, and during your destination.” 

If pre-travel, you’re swiping by people on your moody and someone looks cute, we can arrange to lay subsequent to them for a entirety of your voyage. Maybe that chairman will showering regularly, not be extremist and know a manners of pity armrests on a plane. Or not.

The app doesn’t strictly launch until this summer, though fervent travelers can pointer adult to be one of a initial people onboard on a Wingman’s website.


Image: screenshot / findery

Findery advertises itself as a arrange of practical value hunt, regulating people’s genuine life practice as clues along a way. It’s a plain apparatus for anticipating out about new restaurants or dark bars, though it can get creepy fast

While swiping by circuitously locations, one woman’s blind date popped up. From there, it was easy to entrance all of her other favorite spots. It didn’t take prolonged to figure out where she hangs out regularly, what times she goes there and what she does while there.

However a creepy feeling took a prolonged time to rinse away.


If you’re looking for a truly authentic transport experience, because not usually petiole a local?

The app Follower is an art plan by Lauren McCarthy, and doubles as a transport app for possibly following someone else or being followed.

Following someone else is a good approach to learn new tools of a city that we routinely wouldn’t try (like outward of a stranger’s unit or bureau building!). And for those that are followed, a app aims to assistance you enjoy any impulse some-more thoroughly, meaningful that someone is examination all we do.

It’s also a good choice for someone who is roving alone and can’t means a photographer: The chairman following we will personally take cinema of we and afterwards send one to we around a app!

Follower is usually accessible in New York City. 


Image: screenshot / tripwire

Tripwire allows brave travelers to get a lowdown on a best things to do, places to go and who will be there. The app facilities a live feed of calm that is tailored to any user’s routes.

It all sounds like fun and games until we start exploring and comprehend that you’re means to see who else is in city and how distant divided they are. But a creepiest underline is a map that marks any user’s path. Once we turn friends with someone, we can see their past and destiny paths and they can see yours. Choose your friends wisely. 

However, around a app, it’s probable to find unequivocally cold events. (We got invited to a tip ramen pop-up that looked unequivocally cool.)

Winston Club

Share your hotel room with a stranger! Save money! Maybe don’t make it out alive!

This is a grounds of Winston Club (minus that final bit). The app lets users separate hotel bedrooms with strangers. When a app officially launches in March, it will work in Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

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