Bernie Sanders: What does he mount for?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has emerged as Hillary Clinton’s strongest opposition for a 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, yet here’s a locate – he’s not indeed a Democrat.

Sanders is strictly an independent, and he caucuses with a Democrats in a Senate. But he identifies as a Democratic socialist, and as a moniker would suggest, Sanders has planted himself decisively on a left wing of American politics during several decades in open office.

Perhaps some-more than any other issue, Sanders has towering income inequality as a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. He supports lifting a smallest wage, lifting taxes on rich households and corporations, and a stronger amicable reserve net. He’s panned Democrats and Republicans comparison for holding a soothing proceed to Wall Street, blaming a attention for a 2008 mercantile predicament and vowing to take a harder line on large banks if he’s inaugurated president.

Sanders is also a large believer of orderly labor, and he’s criticized both parties for elevating a concerns of companies over a needs of bland workers. He takes a doubtful perspective of giveaway trade agreements, since he worries they would outsource American jobs. And yet he supports extensive immigration remodel that includes a trail to citizenship, he’s warned that an liquid of migrant labor could excommunicate American workers.


On amicable issues like termination and same-sex marriage, Sanders has been reliably on-going (though on another divisive amicable issue, gun control, his record has been some-more mixed.) And on unfamiliar policy, he’s tended to be dovish, generally subsidy tactful movement over a use of troops force.

It’s a solidly populist record, and Sanders has used it to pull his presidential candidacy into a large leagues, raising millions of dollars from tiny donations and sketch thousands of people to his rallies. While many are doubtful Sanders will eventually be means to derail Clinton, a party’s widespread frontrunner, there’s no denying a appetite surrounding a senator’s bid.

Here’s a demeanour during where Bernie Sanders stands on a issues.