Stunning Drone Footage Shows Greenland Literally Melting Away

A group of scientists are operative on a devise in Greenland, a formula of that could yield “groundbreaking information” on usually how quick a ice mass is melting, reports The New York Times.

The usually place with some-more of a world’s ice than Greenland is Antarctica. But Greenland is warming twice as quick as Antarctica, and this fast melting is raising tellurian sea levels at an shocking rate—even faster than expected. In August, Jakobshavn—Greenland’s fastest-moving glacier and one of a fastest melting in a world—may have mislaid a largest cube of ice in available history.

But this group of scientists says roughly all of a current research is finished by examining satellite images and formulating models to copy a thawing. There is really small on-the-ground information, that is pivotal to presaging usually how quickly sea levels will rise.

So this summer, they headed to Greenland to control a initial extensive measurements of a rate of a melting sea ice. The scientists devise to use a data, that will be published in a subsequent few months, to exam if stream meridian models are accurate.

Until then, you’ve got to check out this astonishing worker footage from The New York Times’ Josh Haner, which constraint Greenland’s fast melting:


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