Google to Build Data Center Powered by 100% Renewable Energy during Soon-to-Be Closed Alabama Coal Plant

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Google announced currently that it will build a new information core in Alabama during a site of a coal-fired appetite plant that is scheduled to be close down, and committed to appetite a trickery with 100 percent renewable energy.

“Google’s information core in Alabama is a touching pitch of how fast a appetite economy can change for a better, and shows that even in regions that are not nonetheless maximizing their renewable appetite intensity like a Southeast, vital internet companies wish a ability to appetite their comforts with renewable energy,” pronounced Greenpeace Senior Climate and Energy Campaigner David Pomerantz. “Utilities, state legislators and regulators should take notice: a 21st century economy is perfectionist zero brief of 100% renewable energy.”

“Unfortunately, Amazon’s new proclamation of several new information centers in Ohio did not embody a same joining to appetite them with 100% renewable energy,” Pomerantz continued. “Without a identical turn of joining as we’ve seen from Google, Apple and Facebook, Amazon’s information centers are some-more expected to keep spark plants using than to make a internet a absolute force for renewable energy.”

Last month, Amazon announced new information center facilities in Ohio, though did not yield sum display how those information core comforts would be powered by renewable energy. American Electric Power, a application providing use to a segment in Ohio where Amazon’s information core comforts are planned, generates 83 percent of a electricity from coal.

Greenpeace’s many new report, Clicking Clean: A Guide to Building a Green Internet, found that Amazon has unsuccessful to yield clarity about how it will keep a joining to use 100 percent renewable energy, quite as it expands a information core operations in coal-heavy regions like Ohio and Virginia.


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