7 Billion and Counting

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Today is World Population Day, and it’s easy to concentration on a numbers—starting with a some-more than 7 billion humans now pity a planet. Within many of a lifetimes, that series could transcend 10 billion. But grappling with a emanate of tellurian race is about most some-more than a numbers—it’s about a needs of a people behind those statistics.

It’s been 20 years given a United Nations tangible intentional family formulation as a simple tellurian right. Unfortunately, 225 million women around a universe who wish to plan, space, or check birth have no entrance to complicated preventive methods. That means these women have small appetite to control their possess lives or shun a cycle of poverty.

Providing unchanging entrance to intentional family formulation is one apparent approach to assistance these women, yet it’s not a usually one. Closely associated issues are clean energy access, purify water entrance and a right to an education. An estimated 101 million children aren’t means to attend school, and some-more than half of them are girls. If women and families are going to benefit belligerent economically, politically or environmentally, we need to residence all of these elemental inequities.

As is so mostly a case, though, assisting those in need will assistance all of us. For instance, if we simply filled a unmet direct for family planning, a ensuing reduction in CO2 emissions would be homogeneous to expelling deforestation worldwide, doubling a fuel economy of each automobile on a planet, or replacing each coal-fired appetite plant with solar energy.

Numbers are important, yet so are connections. Human health, flourishing populations and a sourroundings are inextricably linked. We can’t have a healthy universe but healthy families.

To symbol World Population Day, a Sierra Club’s Global Population and Environment Program has expelled a second POP Quiz. Test your possess believe of a tie between a health of women and families and a environment.


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