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Bamboo, a weed found in Asia, has a prolonged story of being enclosed in bland life. The Chinese detected how versatile and clever this weed is, and incorporated it into their daily lives, including weaponry, weaving, paper, and a contracting of paper into books. There are over 400 class of bamboo grown in China and for centuries; a uses are innumerable. Ancient Chinese people used bamboo for all from gunpowder to remedies: what a truly versatile plant.

In a early 1990’s, it was introduced as a form of hardwood flooring. Bamboo has a softness that is allied to other hardwoods used for flooring.

Advances in a Bamboo flooring attention have combined a technique of strand-weaving Bamboo strands together.

  • Strandwoven Bamboo is harder than a hardest hardwood
  • Bamboo is tolerable and fast-growing
  • Bamboo flooring comes in a outrageous accumulation of colors and styles
  • Bamboo flooring is affordable
  • Bamboo flooring both saves we money, and helps strengthen a environment.

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