Shocking Fracking Film ‘Unearthed’ to Premiere during UK’s Sheffield International Documentary Festival

Jolynn Minnaar had no goal of creation a documentary exposing a evils of fracking. In fact, a Karoo, South Africa local noticed a attainment of a shale gas descent attention as an sparkling event for growth and practice in home district.

Her opinion altered after visiting a U.S.

There, she schooled about a fires, dim brown, methane-infused H2O and many some-more by-products of fracking. She documented her commentary in a reasonably titled, Unearthed, that receives a universe premiere Jun 10 and 11 during the Sheffield International Documentary Festival in Sheffield, a city in a United Kingdom’s South Yorkshire county.

If a stunning, action-packed trailer is any indication, Unearthed should live adult to a prolongation team’s explain of it being the most endless collection of element covering fracking. It has already been nominated for Audience and Green film awards.


“Despite my confidence for shale gas, after visiting a United States to cross-check a promises done to South Africa, we now sincerely acknowledge that fracking stands to harm a ones it claims to assistance a most,” Minnaar pronounced in a press kit. “I dedicate Unearthed to a rural, marginalized communities who are slightest means to withstand a attainment of a shale gas industry, either in a Karoo, Europe or a United States.”

She and her group interviewed scarcely 400 subjects, including U.S. senators, professors, geohydrologists, chemical engineers,  medical practitioners,  gas association workers and residents in impacted areas.

“With an expanding tellurian race and agonizing final on healthy resources, it is no tip that a universe is in trouble,” Minnaar said. “The world, as we know it, urgently needs to strike a modernise button. May Unearthed turn a matter in that endeavour.”



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