Meet a 19-Year-Old With a 10-Year Plan to Clean Half a Pacific Ocean

He’s ambitious, corroborated by 100 researchers, environmentalists and communications professionals, and he’s usually 19.

Boyan Slat is a boss and owner of a Ocean Cleanup and creator of a record he says can purify half a Great Pacific Garbage Patch in a decade. He initial presented his suspicion during a TEDx speak in a Netherlands dual years ago, and is now scheming to attend the “Our Ocean” conference hosted by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Slat pronounced he suspicion of his plastic-capturing judgment years ago while diving in Greece and saying some-more plastic bottles than fish. Since then, he has grown a website that includes all of a technology’s specs, a feasibility investigate and a debate to account it. He says his group has embarked on 3 movement expeditions within 6 months. He shot this video with I Am Eco Warrior to explain his goal and how he hopes to accomplish it with floating barriers.


Slat’s suspicion hasn’t been perceived well by all, though he chose to take his critics head-on in a new response blog post. It serves as a element to the 530-page report on feasibility and serve explains a suspicion shouldn’t be created off as a kid’s idea.

“The oceans are a many critical life-support systems of a planet,” Slat said. “It regulates a climate, it produces oxygen. The immeasurable infancy of biodiversity can be found in a ocean.”