Medical Qigong for a Heart

3TreasuresHealing header Medical Qigong for a Heart Part we – By Lisa VanOstrand, DMQ

Editor’s Note: This is partial 1 of a 3 partial array that will concentration on how medical qi drum can advantage a physical, mental-emotional and devout aspects of a heart.

According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heart illness is a heading means of genocide in a United States, inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds. Coronary heart disease, in only a United States alone, costs tighten to 109 billion dollars a year.

The beginning qi drum came from a Chinese watching a transformation of animals. By imitating a transformation of a bird waving a wings, we can move huge health advantages to a heart. All Medical qi drum has 3 aspects: posture, exhale and intentionality.

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Medical Qigong for a Heart: Part I

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