Replace your Pool Pump with a Solar Pool Pump

PromotionalImage Replace your Pool Pump with a Solar Pool Pump

Photovoltaic panels have been providing appetite for decades. Since 2002, Lorentz has been a universe personality in production solar powered pumping systems. They have recently introduced a solar powered swimming pool siphon that eliminates a filtration appetite cost of a swimming pool. High peculiarity production and German engineering have constructed this insubordinate product.

Replace Your Electric Pool Pump with A Solar Powered Pool Pump

  • Now charity a new appetite fit approach to reinstate that aged 230 volt electric pool engine with a Solar Powered Pool Pump.
  • The Lorentz  Solar Powered Pool System  is ultra-efficient, still and probably upkeep giveaway that produces Zero wickedness since it is powered by a appetite fit Solar Panels.
  • Our environmentally-friendly solar pumps disseminate pool H2O from object adult to object down for FREE – saving income and safeguarding a meridian each day
  • Reduce your CO footprint. Fight wickedness emissions. Cut your appetite costs. Add to your domicile bottom line.
  • Saves adult to 100% on your pool electricity bill
  • The Lorentz pool pumps pierce a H2O only like electric pool pumps and regulating your filtering complement for your pool – regulating it giveaway of charge
  • Solar appetite will work your solar appetite pool siphon from object adult to object down, it even runs in pale weather
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Advantages of Lorentz Solar Pool Pump:

  • Eliminates Pool Filtration Energy Bill
  • Increases Home Value
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Variable Speed
  • Quietest Pool Pump Motor on The Market
  • Rated for 20,000 Hours of Operation
  • DC Brushless Motor
  • Solar approach power
  • No batteries or inverters needed
  • 2 year Warranty  (An extended 5 Year Warranty is available)
  • 25 Year Standard Warranty on Solar Panels
  • Eligible for 30% US Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • UL Certification CS15,17,36,36

The Advantages of regulating a Solar Powered Pool Pump System:

  • Fight pollution. Reduce your CO footprint. Reduce your appetite consumption
  • Build value into your home while saving income for your residence hold
  • Use a Sun’s Power – The World’s Greatest Natural Resource and we can also have behind adult appetite from a grid
  • Eliminate a large appetite immoderate 230 Volt A/C Pool Motor

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