AMT’s Direct Fulfillment of ARRIS Cable Modems & DTAs

AMT1 AMTs Direct Fulfillment of ARRIS Cable Modems  DTAsARRIS Digital Transport Adapter
ARRIS DTAs are accessible in SD (DTA100) or HD (HD-DTA100u) from AMT. They yield operators with a advantages of a cost-effective digital network. The SD array translates digital services to analog while a HD array allows promote digital signals to be decoded from MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport, afterwards converted to an analog or HDMI vigilance dictated for arrangement on SD and HD means devices. Features include: unidirectional functionality, a singular in-band tuner, SD or HD decoding capabilities and a simple user interface for accessing one-way digital services.

ARRIS Cable Modems
Subscribers wish their internet to be dual things, quick and worry free. Cable operators muster services to accommodate a speed expectations, and trust ARRIS to yield a wire modems that broach a reliability. ARRIS offers wire operators DOCSIS agreeable 2.0 and 3.0 Cable Modems to accommodate any marketplace sourroundings or subscriber need. Some operators cite to muster DOCSIS 3.0 modems to destiny explanation their collateral expenditures, while others concentration on a flourishing trends in home wireless networking, or modems that are prepared for self installation. Even tradition configured and approach to consumer over modem kits are accessible to assistance govern any form of module or user promotion.

ARRIS Wireless Gateways
Many homes and tiny offices are relocating to wireless networks, and many wire operators see a need to accommodate this trend as possibly rival necessity, or an event to potentially lift ARPU with an charity of wireless networking.

ARRIS Residential E-MTA
To attain in a residential communications services market, wire operators need to be means to supply and support arguable voice and information services services for their subscribers. Critical to delivering these services is a peculiarity and trustworthiness of a endpoint device, a E-MTA (Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter). Each E-MTA offers conduit class voice use quality, to accommodate and surpass subscribers expectations; battery back-up, for telephony use in a box of a energy outage; mixed evidence collection to magnitude and guard any issues with a unit’s battery, a home’s inside wiring, a home’s telephony equipment, or other network problems. These pivotal facilities keep a wire user sensitive and alerted to any instances of issues with a subscriber’s use associated to a product.

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