Where to find a best transport values in 2014

They’re not indispensably mud cheap, though a website Travelzoo’s annual register of Wow Deal Destinations, out today, highlights 5 spots that are roughly certain to offer values over a typical in 2014.

I talked with Travelzoo’s comparison editor, Gabe Saglie, about where bargain-seekers should go subsequent year — and why.


The nation’s banking has mislaid 20% of a value over a past year, boosting a selling energy of a dollar.

A series of vital general hotel bondage are building (Intercontinental will open 16; Hyatt will supplement 24 in a subsequent integrate of years; Hilton has skeleton for nine). But since business transport has slowed, somewhat, convenience travelers might find assets opportunities, Saglie says.
Flights aren’t inexpensive (about $1,000 from a East Coast), so emporium for air-inclusive vacation packages, he advises.

The Jersey Shore

Travelzoo, that marks and evaluates transport deals, has recently seen 45% year-over-year assets during Jersey Shore lodgings as a segment struggles to rebound behind from a strike delivered final tumble by super charge Sandy.

A rather muted summer sparked assertive deals that lasted after into a season, Saglie says. And as businesses continue to redeem in a new year, he expects they’ll try to recapture constant visitors and woo new ones (who might be newly wakeful of a region, interjection to a not-so-great publicity) with stability deals.

Palm Springs

A spate of new hotels and vital renovations will move reduce rates sparked by larger competition, Saglie predicts.

Plus, a volume of atmosphere lift into a city (including Virgin America’s nonstop use from New York’s JFK resuming after this year) bodes good for airfare deals.

“Palm Springs is in a midst of reinventing itself and we consider it’ll strech a consummate in 2014, ” he says. “There’s a enterprise to say a classical aspects though with a younger, hipper crowd.”

Europe’s rivers

With 20 (!) new ships entrance on house in a 2014 season, foe is certain to feverishness up. Saglie estimates there’s adequate new register on these tiny river-going ships to accommodate 200,000 additional passengers subsequent year. The enterprise to fill those cabins could “be an event for people who have been labelled out of this form of cruise,” he says.

Moreover, “there is this core organisation of travelers looking for a lapse to a some-more insinuate journey experience,” he adds.


This South American nation wants you. So most so, that it’s reportedly boosting a 2014 promotion bill by 73%.
That might be an try to obstruct courtesy from Brazil, that has been hogging a spotlight with a arriving World Cup and Olympic Games.

Recent airfares from Miami to Quito have been around $399, Saglie says. But for even improved value, he suggests selling package deals that mix airfare, lodging, dishes and excursions.