Videos Feature Wes Wilson and Tony Ingraffea to Combat Fracking Industry’s Misinformation Campaign

Colorado is a midst of a David vs. Goliath fight, in that 4 municipalities will be voting this Tuesday on list initiatives to strengthen their communities from fracking. The gas and oil attention has already spent $600,000 on dubious ads and mailers to quarrel internal residents’ rights to home rule. By subsequent week it might good be some-more than $1,000,000. 

Colorado has been called a ground 0 of fracking. It has more than 50,000 fracking wells, many within hundreds of yards of schools, homes and open parks. Gas and oil companies are probably self-regulated, with harmful consequences, as we saw in a recent flooding of thousands of fracking sites that were authorised to be built on a inundate zone. Governor Hickenlooper, in fact, is such a supporter, he once claimed to have drunk fracking fluid

Local groups have taken it on themselves to try to extent gas and oil activity in their communities. If a initiatives pass, Fort Collins, Broomfield, Boulder and Lafayette would join a city of Longmont by instating internal metropolitan fracking bans and moratoriums.  

Because a anti-fracking internal campaigns don’t have a spending energy of a oil and gas industry, Frack Free Colorado expelled these video to fight a misinformation debate laid out by a industry. These videos underline internal and inhabitant experts who hold on economics, atmosphere pollution, groundwater decay and renewable energy solutions. The initial video facilities EPA whistleblower Wes Wilson and a second facilities Cornell scientist Tony Ingraffea