Proof Positive It’s Time to Ban Plastic Bags

By Bill Hickman

A new disdainful news from a Associated Press (AP) highlighted a deficiencies with a California state law upheld in 2006 that requires incomparable food retailers to recycle cosmetic bags. It’s been transparent to us that plastic bag recycling does not work and this is some-more proof. While a plastics attention and manufacturers mostly pull for curbside recycling given of a convenience, a summary to take certain equipment behind does not work though a financial incentive.


Most recyclers don’t wish to understanding with cosmetic bags given they can ‘gum up’ a machine that processes some-more essential equipment such as cosmetic bottles and aluminum cans.

Here’s an solely from the AP report a a Daily Journal

Stores are compulsory to contention annual reports detailing how many bags were bought by a store, how many were returned by consumers and that recyclers processed them, nonetheless a state recycling dialect can't contend how many stores are complying. A examination by a Associated Press found information has not been analyzed given 2009, dual years after a law took effect. Then, 3 percent of California’s cosmetic bags were being recycled, a one commission indicate boost from a prior year.

While totals of bags purchased and recycled during a final 3 years were done accessible after an AP request, Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery orator Mark Oldfield pronounced those numbers have not been accurate so a central recycling rate can be updated. He pronounced a module lacks resources to investigate new reports. No fees are charged to bag manufacturers, recyclers or retailers to assistance compensate for staff. While a law allows for fines if stores do not comply, no violations have been issued.

The AP news focuses on AB 2449 that was upheld by California legislators in 2006, afterwards a cosmetic bag recycling apportionment was extended until 2020 by legislators in 2012 by SB 1219. AB 2449 was a bit argumentative during a time given many environmental groups were pulling for a stronger check to residence plastic bag spawn and compared impacts. AB 2449 enclosed a sustenance that prevented internal communities from putting a price on cosmetic checkout bags so a internal response has been 65 cosmetic bag anathema ordinances and counting.

Most recyclers don’t wish to understanding with cosmetic bags and film given they can ‘gum up’ a machine that processes some-more essential equipment such as cosmetic bottles and aluminum cans. In Washington, Thurston County recycling provider Lemay, Inc. stopped collecting cosmetic bags and film in Oct given of a miss of marketplace for a material. Delaware recently altered their policy and is directing residents not to put cosmetic bags in their curbside or other single-stream recycling bins. 

In theory, it’s a good thought to sequester cosmetic bags so they can be recycled alone though in existence that does not work if cosmetic bag recycle rates continue to float in a singular digits. Surfrider will continue to disciple cosmetic source reductions such as plastic bag bans and fee-based policies to assistance revoke cosmetic spawn inspiring a sea environment. 

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