Oliberté Becomes World’s First Fair Trade USA Certified Shoemaker

After hundreds of mandate and a bloody review process, a Canadian association is a world’s initial Fair Trade USA approved shoe tradesman in a world.

Oliberté, a Certified B Corp and 1% for a Planet member, with warehouses in a U.S., Canada and a United Kingdom, warranted a Fair Trade USA acceptance only in time for a tumble and winter line. The association creates sustainably constructed leather shoes, boots and bags in Ethiopia.

“Becoming a world’s initial Fair Trade Certified boots production bureau was a severe process, though we did it since we trust this partnership will make us improved as a association and employer,” association founder Tal Dehtiar said. ”Our idea is to be a voice for reliable production so that bureau workers around a universe can yield a improved life for themselves and their families.”

Photo credit: Olibert

Photo credit: Oliberté

Oliberté’s Addis Ababa, Ethiopia factory employs 59 workers. The bureau had to meet 255 Fair Trade USA standards and requirements, in further to flitting a two-day review that evaluated environmental stewardship, working conditions, safety, wages, maternity leave, weekly alloy visits and employee handbooks. Fair Trade USA also examined a company’s confluence to anti-child-labor regulations, equal-opportunity practice and employees’ right to form a union.

Outside of Olibert's bureau in Ethiopia. Photo credit: Olibert

Outside of Oliberté’s bureau in Ethiopia. Photo credit: Oliberté

Another Fair Trade USA requirement for Oliberté was to compensate an additional reward to a worker-controlled fund. Factory employees can separate a income or opinion to account village building and purchasing projects like wells or computers.

“Fair Trade USA is unapproachable to be operative with Oliberté, an well-developed association committed to producing high quality, stylish boots in Ethiopia that directly advantages bureau workers and their families,” pronounced Maya Spaull, executive of New Category Innovation during Fair Trade USA.

Oliberté non-stop a bureau only over a year ago. The association expects to furnish 25,000 pairs of boots in a subsequent year.

“Tal Dehtiar founded Oliberté in 2009 to create tolerable jobs for learned artisans in Africa, building imperishable infrequent leather products and boots regulating healthy rubber outsoles and hand-picked healthy leather,” according to a company’s website. “Each span of hand-crafted boots uses an normal of 1,000 stitches and materials sourced from Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo and Liberia.”

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