Leonardo DiCaprio Pledges $3 Million to Help Double Nepal’s Tiger Population

On a third anniversary of a ancestral Global Tiger Summit a Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has awarded a $3 million extend to a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for a confidant commencement to assistance Nepal double a series of furious tigers by 2022—the subsequent Chinese Year of a Tiger.

Tigers in Bengal face threats from bootleg poachers, medium drop and development. Photo credit: Francois Savigny

The extend will accelerate WWF’s work with a supervision of Nepal and internal communities in Nepal’s Terai Arc landscape to strengthen anti-poaching patrols, strengthen core areas for tiger breeding, revive vicious corridors for their dispersion and enlargement and invariably safeguard tiger populations. Previous support from a Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is already display vital results, flourishing a series of tigers in a Terai’s Bardia National Park from an estimated 18 to 50 tigers.

The extend represents a initial supports awarded from a successful Christie’s 11th Hour Charity Auction in May, combined by DiCaprio, that lifted a record $38.8 million for charge in a singular night. DiCaprio has prolonged been a ardent disciple for a sourroundings and assimilated army with WWF commencement in 2010 to launch Save Tigers Now, a tellurian debate to lift political, financial and open support to save tigers in a wild.

“Time is using out for a world’s remaining 3,200 tigers, mostly a outcome of medium drop and sharpening bootleg poaching,” pronounced DiCaprio. “WWF, a supervision of Nepal and internal communities are on a front lines of this conflict and we am carefree this extend will assistance them surpass a idea of doubling a series of these eminent creatures in a wild.”

“Leonardo DiCaprio defies expectations in leveraging his voice and change to revive tigers and their medium in one of a many carefree places on Earth,” pronounced Carter Roberts, boss and CEO of WWF-U.S. “His substructure is all about delivering genuine formula for charge on a belligerent and lenient internal communities; nowhere is that some-more clear than in Nepal.”

“The numbers pronounce for themselves and we are beholden for a partnership,” resolved Roberts.


Leonardo DiCaprio has prolonged been a ardent environmental advocate. DiCaprio assimilated army with WWF in 2010 to launch Save Tigers Now, a tellurian debate to lift political, financial and open support to save furious tigers. Photo credit: Tom Munro /JBG Photo

Nepal is on aim to turn one of a initial tiger operation countries to grasp a 2010 Global Tiger Summit’s idea of doubling furious tigers by a subsequent Year of a Tiger in 2022. The Terai Arc Landscape of Nepal, where a extend will be used, is 9,000 block miles and includes stable areas that are vicious tiger, rhino and elephant habitat. The densely populated segment is also home to scarcely 7 million people who count on a healthy resources for their livelihoods.

Tigers, elephants and rhinos in a Terai are losing medium and descending plant to a illegal wildlife trade. The extend will concede park rangers to use worldly monitoring collection in and with village policing and intelligence-gathering to tackle poaching. Basic park infrastructure, such as safeguard posts, will also be stretched and corridors between parks will be strengthened to give pivotal class a leisure to ramble and assistance grow new tiger populations opposite a Terai.

“Protecting a tip predator like a tiger helps keep forests and grasslands intact, and ensures that other class like rhinos and elephants can thrive.” pronounced Justin Winters, a executive executive of a Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. “The many considerable partial of this project—and a pivotal to a success so far—is a loyal partnership between WWF, a Nepal supervision and a internal communities.”

“Finding solutions that strengthen tigers and advantage internal people is a usually approach to safeguard prolonged tenure success,” pronounced Winters.

WWF and a partners will also use a extend to assistance internal communities advantage from charge by formulating income-generating activities by tourism, handicrafts and organic unfeeling production. The extend will also support word supports to assistance families cope with a detriment of stock to predators.

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