Japanese Travel Agency For Stuffed Animals Is on Sweet Mission

Like many travelers posting photographs on Facebook, their faces are pulpy adult to a windows of their debate vans, they’re smiling out over pleasing vistas and shower adult a steam from a prohibited open during a brief respite.

Unlike other travelers, these are reduction than a feet high and have plush or felted fur.

Unagi Travel is a Japanese transport group for pressed animals, promulgation favorite toys on brave trips when an owners is too ill or incompetent to do so himself. Founder Sonoe Azuma has been holding pressed animals divided with her for a final 3 years so that their owners can live vicariously by them.

A hippo, “Kaba san,” from Osaka, has taken a many excursions, Azuma told ABC News, acknowledging that there are many repeat customers. The farthest she has ever taken a pressed animal was to Oita prefecture, in a southern area of Japan.

The trips operation in cost from $35 to $55 per pressed animal, and includes lapse shipping as good as souvenir photograph. While a pressed crony is away, a owners can follow their travels by looking for updates on a Unagi Travel Facebook page.

“I adore Shibuya! Thank we for display it to me! Brings behind memories,” one fan wrote underneath an picture from a outing to Tokyo.

“You done it! Is it raining? You dual wear poetic hats,” inquired another underneath a print with twin plush dogs flanking a Buddha statue.

Unagi Travel is not a initial to try into a universe of pressed animal travel. Tomio Okamura — who is half Japanese, half Czech — launched a identical business, Toy Traveling, in Prague in 2010. And Teddy Tour Berlin offers packages out of Germany.

But those outfits marketplace themselves as mercantile alternatives to tellurian transport as against to a practical knowledge for those incompetent to for health reasons.

In some cases, clients of Unagi Travel have been means to join their pressed animals on lapse trips to destinations, Azume said.

“Not frequently though we do trips to Tohoku, a area that was shop-worn by a trembler and tsunami,” she said. “One customer visited a area several months after a tour. Others visited traveller cities such as Yokohama.”

“Recently we asked 25 clients if they became meddlesome in roving to a areas their pressed animals visited,” she added, “and all 25 of them answered yes.”