3 Top Hotel Brands Offer New Healthy Travel Options

Over a past year, I’ve speckled a trend: High-end hotels charity healthy lifestyle amenities to captivate health-conscious travelers. Some of this has been going on for years, of course. But I’m not articulate usually aromatherapy products in a lavatory or a well-equipped gym or sauna down a hall. These are bedrooms specifically given to assistance guest stay healthy.

Some of these new health-oriented hotel bedrooms are redesigned from a building up, with facilities such as atmosphere and H2O filters, ionizers, and hypoallergenic bedding. Others are on a specifically designated gymnasium or building with round-the-clock sauna and gym access.

Still others come with special programs designed to assistance business and other travelers follow a healthy lifestyle devise during their stay. Here are 5 hotels around a nation that mount out for their critical joining to assisting their guest hang to their health resolutions divided from home.

1. Stay Well Suites, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas

From a impulse we open a doorway to your Stay Well themed room during a MGM Grand, we can’t assistance though notice that something’s different. It’s a lighting, that has been specifically designed to umpire a sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, that can assistance forestall jet loiter and palliate fatigue. (Need to arise up? There’s also a choice of a pulsed blue “wake up” light therapy in a bath room and an alarm time that rouses we with light rather than sound.)

Take a shower, and you’ll feel another difference; a H2O is infused with vitamin C, giving it a zingy, tingly feeling that wakes adult your skin. Turn on a in-room party system, and there’s wellness guru Deepak Chopra, MD, charity health tips and indicating we towards all a room’s special features, that also embody a aptness and nourishment module grown by a Cleveland Clinic. Designed by wellness colonize Delos Living, a Stay Well amenities also embody H2O filters and HEPA-quality atmosphere catharsis – good for anyone, though a outrageous bonus to allergy and asthma sufferers.

Blue “wake up” lighting in a lavatory of a Stay Well room during a MGM Grand

2. EVEN Hotels from InterContinental

This one’s not a program, it’s a whole new brand. Unveiled by InterContinental Hotel Group in August, a EVEN brand is still in a early stage, so there isn’t an tangible skill to check out yet. (Although reports are that a initial skill will open in New York City in 2014.) But listen to a presentation, as we did, or follow a “take a peek” couple on their website and a innovations they’re formulation certain demeanour cool. A few of a many tantalizing details:

  • Hypoallergenic linens
  • Coat racks that double as pull-up bars (great for a bruise back, as good as clever arms)
  • Luggage racks that duty as examination benches (complete with feet bars)
  • An array of aptness apparatus we can “check out” library character and take to your room
  • Free signature waters on daub whenever you’re thirsty
  • Natural cleaning products used in a rooms
  • Extra building room for operative out

Plans are to launch or rebrand 100 EVEN hotels within a subsequent 5 years in cities famous for their health-conscious enlightenment such as San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.

3. Trump Wellness

One of a many extensive roll-outs of an across-brand wellness module comes from Trump, that offers 3 opposite wellness programs that aim nourishment and aptness while on a road. The Trump Wellness programs, denounced in June, are clearly designed for a time-strapped business and oppulance traveler who doesn’t wish to let his aptness slight trip while divided from home. The 3 components of a module are:

  1. Nourish: A menu revamp of Trump’s dining room cuisine highlighting vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free dishes and inventory nourishment information for any dish. Items on a Nourish menu also prioritize locally sourced and certified-organic ingredients.
  2. Healthy Bites: A menu of healthful low-calorie room use options that can be during your doorway in 15 mins or less. As partial of a Nourish program, in-room minibars will also be stocked with a healthier array of break choices.
  3. Travel Fit: My favorite of a programs, this one is uber-practical. First off, giveaway examination rigging –  including boots and garments from Under Armour – is accessible for those all-too-frequent times when we forget your own. (Or can’t fit them in carry-on luggage.) The module also provides yoga mats, weights, and widen bands for your room, to be used along with instruction cards for elementary Technogym training routines. And any participating hotel has helped pattern a circuitously using trail – for that a map is provided.

Note: Trump is not a usually code to offer giveaway examination rigging to executive travelers. In fact, this appears to be a prohibited new trend. Westin recently partnered with New Balance in a Gear Lending module that provides New Balance boots and examination garments to their guests, while Fairmont has a Fairmont Fit program, a identical understanding with Adidas disdainful to the President’s Club members.

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