13 Arrested Blocking Highway during Site of Spectra Energy Pipeline

Thirteen people were arrested yesterday for restraint a West Side Highway adjacent to a site where Spectra Energy has finished a healthy gas tube entering Manhattan, NY from New Jersey.

Thanks to a Environment TV organisation for capturing this approach movement on video.

According to a Sane Energy Project, a “New Jersey-New York Expansion Project” is a high-pressure gas pipeline, varying in hole from 42-30″ routed adult a New Jersey shoreline, by a corner of Staten Island, underneath Jersey City and opposite a Hudson River, entering Manhattan during a Gansevoort Peninsula in a West Village. It is famous some-more ordinarily by a name of a builder’s primogenitor company, Spectra Energy.


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is a lead organisation in assign of needing this project. During a examination of a breeze Environmental Impact Statements, there were scarcely 5,000 open comments filed opposite a project, and usually 22 in favor. FERC has approved a Spectra pipeline and it is now underneath construction, notwithstanding tentative lawsuits from a Sierra Club, Food Water Watch, City of Jersey City and NoGasPipeline, a NJ advocacy group.

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