Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Climate Activists

Mom’s Clean Air Force

By Lori Popkewitz

The universe race is during 7 billion and it’s likely that by a finish of this year there will be one smartphone for any 5 people in a world. That’s a lot of phones and a lot of information literally during a fingertips.

Information is constantly changing and those of us operative tough to strengthen a sourroundings for ourselves and destiny generations need to have entrance to present material. Being a climate change romantic can be time consuming. But…there’s an app (or ten) for that.


The series of apps out there is staggering. With hundreds of thousands to name from, where do we begin? With these 10 apps you’ll be vacant during how easy it is to stay in a know when it comes to your health and a health of a environment.  

1. Carbon Emissions Calculator for Air Travel (iOS—Free)

This app allows passengers to guess a CO emissions attributed to their atmosphere travel. It is elementary to use—just name your start and end airports, mention a category of transport and series of passengers. View a CO footprint and a stretch trafficked for your trip.

2. Light Bulb Finder (iOS and Android—Free)

How many apps does it take to change a light bulb? Just one! Light Bulb Finder gives we on a mark recommendations for energy-efficient bulbs that demeanour stylish and assistance we save a many money. The app allows we to perspective tuber images, cost, assets and environmental impact.

3. Seafood Watch (iOS and Android—Free)

The Seafood Watch (created by Monterey Bay Aquarium) app allows we to arrange seafood by “Best Choice,” “Good Alternative” or “Avoid” rankings. The app also highlights a list of “Super Green” seafood that’s good for we and a oceans. There are additional facilities like a glossary, links to seafood recipes and news, and other things of seductiveness to all seafood lovers. The app also allows we to share a locations of restaurants and markets where you’ve found sustainable seafood.

4. Fooducate (iOS and Android—$4.99)

This app empowers food shoppers everywhere to make healthy, sensitive decisions while during a supermarket. Scan your food and Fooducate generates a minute class (A, B, C or D) for any product scanned, along with brief explanations and warnings about a nutrients and ingredients. There is also an choice to enter a bar formula manually. The app will suggest minimally processed, genuine dishes that are naturally abounding in nutrients and antioxidants.

5. Locavore (iOS and Android—Free)

If you’re looking for a closest farmers marketplace offered your favorite anniversary produce, afterwards Locavore is a app for you. Locavore is a good app for those acid for local, in season, organic dishes in your area. The app has one-click entrance to thousands of healthy, anniversary recipes and other information that can be common with your friends and family. The app not usually lets we know that fruits and veggies are in season—it also lets we know how prolonged they’ll be in season.

6. EPA AirNow (iOS and Android—Free)

The AirNow mobile app provides genuine time atmosphere peculiarity information that we can use to strengthen your health via a day. Just enter a zip formula of your plcae to get a current atmosphere quality index information and atmosphere peculiarity forecasts for ozone and pollution.

7. ClimateCounts (iOS—Free)

The Climate Counts app for iPhone rates heading companies formed on their meridian impact and sustainability efforts, and afterwards gives consumers a possibility to voice their concerns possibly by email or on amicable sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can hunt for meridian ratings possibly by association or industry.

8. Zimride (iOS and Android—Free)

Ridesharing apps are all a rage. Zimride is a new spin on ridesharing, regulating amicable networks to capacitate genuine connections. Once we set adult a form we are means to book a float in your area, or post a float of your own. Drivers can assign for rides and Zimride doesn’t take a cut. Rides seem to be pretty labelled and given profiles are associated with Facebook it’s easy to check out your intensity float companions.

9. Dirty Dozen (iOS and Android—Free)

The Dirty Dozen app is a product of The Environmental Working Group’s investigate and lists a 12 forms of furnish that are enclose a many pesticides (Dirty Dozen) and a 15 (Clean 15) that can be purchased conventionally.

10. Toxic Baby App (iOS—coming summer 2014)

This app is entrance shortly to an iTunes store nearby you. Penelope Jagessar-Chaffer is a creator of a film Toxic Baby, and her new app will yield information to assistance keep a families protected and giveaway of poisonous chemicals.

With this form of believe only a daub away, there’s no denying meridian change is real and you’ve got a best shot during gripping your family and a world protected and healthy.

Visit EcoWatch’s CLIMATE CHANGE page for some-more associated news on this topic.