NFL Week Eight: Eagles face Giants, Cowboys travel to Detroit – The Star-Ledger

The NFC East is wide-open, meaning all four teams have a chance to get a big win this weekend.

The Giants are struggling, but get a win in Philadelphia and they will have just two fewer losses than the Cowboys if Dallas falls to Detroit. If the Eagles can get a win, they will get back to .500 and be no worse than one game out if eight to go.

The Redskins? They have to head to Denver, but can make a big statement with a win.

Here are my picks for this weekend, both straight up and against the spread:

San Francisco at Jacksonville (+15.5)
Straight Up: San Francisco
Vs. Spread: San Francisco (-15.5)

Dallas at Detroit (-3)
Straight Up: Detroit
Vs. Spread: Dallas (+3)

New York Giants at Philadelphia (-5.5)
Straight Up: Philadelphia
Vs. Spread: New York (+5.5)

Cleveland at Kansas City (-7.5)
Straight Up: Kansas City
Vs. Spread: Kansas City (-7.5)

Buffalo at New Orleans (-11)
Straight Up: New Orleans
Vs. Spread: New Orleans (-11)

Miami at New England (-6.5)
Straight Up: New England
Vs. Spread: Miami (+6.5)

New York Jets at Cincinnati (-6.5)
Straight Up: New York Jets
Vs. Spread: New York Jets (+6.5)

Pittsburgh at Oakland (+2.5)
Straight Up: Pittsburgh
Vs. Spread: Pittsburgh (-2.5)

Washington at Denver (-12)
Straight Up: Denver
Vs. Spread: Washington (+12)

Atlanta at Arizona (-2.5)
Straight Up: Atlanta
Vs. Spread: Atlanta (+2.5)

Green Bay at Minnesota (+9)
Straight Up: Green Bay
Vs. Spread: Minnesota (+9)

Seattle at St. Louis (+11)
Straight Up: Seattle
Vs. Spread: Seattle (-11)

Straight up: 60-38
Vs. Spread: 46-48-4
Locks of the Week: 4-3