New Report Reveals Koch Brothers Could Make $100B Profit if Keystone XL Pipeline is Built

The on-going consider tank International Forum on Globalization (IFG) expelled a report currently questioning how Koch Industries and a subsidiaries mount to make as most as $100 billion in increase if a Keystone XL tube is built. The report, Billionaires’ Carbon Bomb: The Koch Keystone XL Pipeline, finds that a Kochs reason adult to 2 million acres in Alberta and have spent upwards of $50 million on Congress and consider tanks that heavily pull for a pipeline.


A Google map display a Koch resources in a connect sands segment as good as interests along a due Keystone XL pipeline. Image credit: International Forum on Globalization

The Kochs have prolonged been one of a largest players in a connect sands segment of Alberta, Canada, according to a IFG press release. The news connects a Kochs’ 50 year story and vast footprint in a Canadian connect sands to a stream discuss about a Keystone XL pipeline.

“The Kochs have regularly claimed that they have no seductiveness in a Keystone XL pipeline, this news shows that is false,” pronounced Victor Menotti, executive executive of IFG.

“We beheld Koch Funded Tea Party members and consider tanks pulling for a pipeline. We dug deeper and found $100 billion in profits, $50 million sent to organizations ancillary a pipeline, and maybe 2 million acres of land. That sounds like an interest.”

Other commentary in a news include:

  • The Kochs will acquire 1 million times some-more than a normal workman of a pipeline.
  • The Kochs alone possess some-more than 19 billion metric tons of CO emissions in their connect sands holdings.
  • Think tanks saved by a Kochs have expelled scarcely 1,000 pro-Keystone XL reports or statements.
  • Kochs have already done billions from insider trade and mount to do that again with connect sands.
  • Koch Industries has a story of assault opposite people and a environment.
  • The Koch Brothers find to change a open discuss and control a process debates in Washington.

“The past dual weeks of a government shutdown brought to light a insane change of Koch-funded groups,” pronounced Jane Kleeb, executive of Bold Nebraska.

“Rewarding a Koch Brothers with Keystone XL, who during each spin account campaigns to trick Americans on all from meridian to gas prices, is like a President advocating for Sen. Cruz to be a Majority Leader. It creates no sense. Farmers and ranchers in Nebraska are depending on President Obama to see a inhabitant seductiveness is not served with a tube that lines a pockets of meridian deniers and unfamiliar oil.”