Michelle Obama: Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Elmo to Promote Fresh Fruit and Veggies to Kids

The nonprofit classification behind a renouned children’s educational module Sesame Street will concede a furnish attention to use Big Bird, Elmo and Sesame Street’s other characters giveaway of assign to assistance marketplace fruits and vegetables to kids.

The idea is to level a selling personification margin to give uninformed fruits and vegetables a rival corner over processed dishes and, ultimately, inspire healthier eating habits among children.

The agreement aims to assistance kids rise healthier eating habits early in life by selecting uninformed fruits and veggies. Photo credit: National Nursing Review

The Sesame Street characters might seem on furnish in stores as early as mid-2014.

Sesame Workshop and a Produce Marketing Association (PMA) assimilated a Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) in a two-year agreement, that was announced by First Lady Michelle Obama during a press discussion late today.

“Just suppose what will occur when we take a kids to a grocery store, and they see Elmo and Rosita and a other Sesame Street Muppets they adore adult and down a furnish aisle,” First Lady Michelle Obama pronounced during a press discussion today. “Imagine what it will be like to have a kids vagrant us to buy them fruits and vegetables instead of cookies, candy and chips.”

In her remarks, a First Lady cited a new investigate published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine conducted by researchers during Cornell University. Researchers gave kids a choice between eating an apple, a cookie or both and a immeasurable infancy of a kids chose a cookie. But when a researchers put Elmo stickers on a apples and let a kids select again, scarcely double a series of kids went for a apple.

“It’s no tip that many relatives have a tough time removing kids vehement about eating their fruits and vegetables,” pronounced PHA CEO Lawrence A. Soler. “Today’s joining helps all of us foster increasing fruit and unfeeling consumption, and gives relatives and families a powerful, certain apparatus to assistance kids get vehement about eating healthier foods.”

As partial of a agreement, Sesame Workshop will emanate a furnish graduation toolkit and character beam for use of a Sesame Workshop resources in promotional activities.

“Sesame Workshop has prolonged been committed to a health and contentment of children by a longstanding Healthy Habits for Life initiative—since 2004, we have been integrating messages about healthy food choices and practice into Sesame Street, a radio program, in a village overdo and on a other off-air activities,” said H. Melvin Ming, boss and CEO of Sesame Workshop. “We are unapproachable to work with a Produce Marketing Association and Partnership for a Healthier America to continue this critical work.”