Jane Goodall Institute Revolutionizes Chimpanzee Protection With High-Tech Tools

The Jane Goodall Institute, founded by eminent primatologist Jane Goodall, is revolutionizing a judgment of environmental charge by technology. In 1960, when Goodall arrived in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, her apparatus consisted of small some-more than pencil, paper and a span of binoculars.

Now, a Jane Goodall Institute is incorporating high-tech collection to urge chimpanzee preservation, investigate and education. Using mapping record on mobile inclination for timberland monitoring, satellite imagery, as good as enlisting a efforts of internal villagers, a Jane Goodall Institute has been means to enhance their strech and some-more accurately lane progress, putting them during a slicing corner of chimpanzee protection.

Check out this good video, ‪From the Ground to a Cloud: Transforming Chimpanzee Conservation with High-Tech Tools‬: