Illinois Hosts Nation’s Worst Website for Kids

Jeff Biggers

Outraged by a dubious information on a Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s website for children on coal, former spark miners and citizen groups in a spark nation of southern Illinois have launched a CREDO petition to move a state’s infamous spark education failure to an end.

Calling on statewide and inhabitant adults groups and preparation organizations to join their efforts, a petition goes true to a point: Gov. Quinn: Stop Lying to Kids About Coal.

Under Chapter 6, “How Does Coal Affect a Environment?” on Illinois Department of Commerce Economic Opportunity’s kids spark website.

As partial of a spark preparation curriculum that has been widely denounced as inaccurate, deceiving and outdated—at best—the state continues to horde a website for kids abundant with erring selling terminology that overlooks a workplace predicament of black lung illness among spark miners, as good as rising health and environmental costs from spark mining and burning, and climate change. The petition also cites a recent study that found a state of Illinois loses scarcely $20 million annually to say a spark industry.

“The health and reserve of a spark miners should never be discontinued for a consequence of politics and marketing,” pronounced Sam Stearns, a former coal  miner, who comes from a third-generation spark mining family in southern Illinois, and heads adult a Friends of Bell Smith Springs. “A lot of late miners vital in a solitude of a spark fields suspicion that they had pensions to addition their Social Security for a residue of their lives. But as they are now saying from a Patriot Coal grant debacle, spark companies were only watchful for a event to shirk their obligations to these group and women.”

“Gov. Quinn needs a wake-up call that a environment, and all those who reside here, matter,” pronounced Mark Donham, with a Regional Association of Concerned Environmentalists, a grassroots classification formed in southern Illinois that has been operative on forestry and environmental issues given a 1980s. “We can no longer means to act as if certain environmental problems, such as meridian change, are not happening.”

The petition records 3 areas of special concern:

Coal Miner Health and Safety—The continual conflict to pledge a health and reserve of all spark miners, generally for non-union operations as a attention fails to understanding with rising black lung disease, needs to be plainly addressed

Human and Environmental Costs—With a ascent health caring predicament from forward increases in spark mining, and as a Quinn administration fails to strengthen communities from spark slurry and frame mining hazards, a kid’s website refuses to acknowledge a dangers of spark slurry seizure sites, coal ash, mercury wickedness and a documented environmental effects of spark mining and burning

Coal Is Not Clean, Coal Is Not Cheap—Finally, it’s time, once and for all, to stop revelation a children that spark is purify and cheap. On tip of a new investigate that concludes a spark attention drains tighten to $20 million annually from a Illinois state budget, Illinois adults are now traffic with a code new Prairie State Energy coal-fired plant that plagues consumers with most aloft electricity rates and emits millions of tons of CO dioxide. Last week, Peabody Energy admitted—as a world’s largest spark company, that launched a initial cave in southern Illinois in a 1890s—that CO constraint and storage “clean coal” technologies are “simply not commercially available.”

“Many spark miners were also farmers,” Stearns said. “There was a time when land that was undermined for spark could still be successfully farmed on a surface. But frame mining and longwall mining are now ruining—permanently, for many tellurian generations to come—once prolific farmland. Once these complicated mining practices change a topography of a land, it can never be easy to what it once was, notwithstanding a lies about reclamation that a Illinois’ Coal Education Program promulgates.”

The petition concludes: “As residents of southern Illinois, we trust it’s time to tell a children a law about spark mining and burning, and safeguard a brighter destiny with a only transition toward clean energy.”

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