Groups Petition BLM to Protect Fragile Wyoming Habitat From Oil and Gas Drilling

Drilling in a Douglas Core Area undermines a efforts of internal residents and ranchers to strengthen virtuoso moan habitat. The masculine virtuoso moan shown in a mating display.

Today, charge groups formally petitioned a sovereign supervision to hindrance all new wellpad and highway construction inside a Douglas virtuoso moan Core Area of eastern Wyoming. Core Areas were creatively determined by a State of Wyoming to yield a protected breakwater for virtuoso moan and yield adequate insurance that Endangered Species Act inventory would turn unnecessary.

Current levels of human-caused reeling already surpass 15 to 22 percent of a medium in a Core Area, distant above a 5 percent extent determined in state and sovereign Core Area policies to yield medium for imperiled virtuoso grouse. Chesapeake Energy and a State of Wyoming recently announced skeleton for a large pull for some-more drilling inside a Core Area, while shortening protections for virtuoso grouse.

“We’re seeking a sovereign supervision to hindrance new construction on public lands and minerals inside a Core Area,” explained Erik Molvar, wildlife biologist with WildEarth Guardians. “These Core Areas paint a final best medium remaining for a virtuoso moan in Wyoming. If state and sovereign agencies don’t broach on a protections they promised, afterwards a whole Core Area judgment will be unprotected as an hypothetical reserve net with no webbing.”

Drilling in a Douglas Core Area has already taken a fee on virtuoso moan populations, and serve majorly impacted internal residents. 

“The year that we had dual wells flaring right subsequent to a community, we mislaid a gardens from a dirt and a flaring and a sound and a trucks, we had no insects and pollinators, and a birds were all gone,” removed Kathleen Kilsdonk, a farming proprietor whose home is located inside a Douglas Core Area.  “When a drilling changed away, a moan started entrance back.”

The devise negotiated between a State of Wyoming and Chesapeake Energy would engage a construction of during slightest 93 new wellpads, while dividing a Core Area into 3 zones with varying levels of exemptions from a virtuoso moan protections that are ostensible to request inside Core Areas underneath state and sovereign policy.

“If a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is critical about recuperating virtuoso moan populations and avoiding an Endangered Species Act listing, augmenting a aspect reeling to this grade in a Douglas core area is a wrong trail to go down,” celebrated Duane Short, furious class module executive with Biodiversity Conservation Alliance.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has settled it will cruise Chesapeake’s drilling in a Douglas core area as it creates a preference either to list a bird,” Short continued. “A lot of eyes are being non-stop serve to a inability of a state’s core area plan to meaningfully strengthen and redeem virtuoso grouse.”

Last Friday, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service due a bi-state race of larger virtuoso moan in a Mono Basin of California and Nevada for inventory as Threatened underneath a Endangered Species Act.

“Essentially a same or some-more heated threats to larger virtuoso moan in Nevada and California exist in Wyoming and a surrounding states,” Short added. “Wyoming and all states with virtuoso moan populations should see this U.S. Fish and Wildlife offer as a wakeup call to adopt stronger insurance efforts for a imperiled bird.”


Drilling in a Douglas Core Area undermines a efforts of internal residents and ranchers to strengthen virtuoso moan habitat. “The Wyoming people who live in a Core Protection Area have followed a manners set to say virtuoso moan even yet it costs income and hasn’t always been convenient,” pronounced Kilsdonk. “Why should a oil and gas attention be exempt? They wish to put so many wells in a small area that we can’t trust they can consider they’re going to get a moan back, or strengthen internal residents from a pollution.”

The Douglas Core Area is partial of a Powder River virtuoso moan population, that is already experiencing a larger race decrease than birds in other tools of a state. 

Molvar proposes a resolution that would urge conditions for virtuoso moan instead of creation them worse. “Before Chesapeake bulldozes in any new wellpads and roads in this Core Area, initial they need to revive adequate already-damaged medium to a strange condition so that a volume on non-functioning medium stays next 5 percent, even with a new drilling.” 

WildEarth Guardians, Biodiversity Conservation Alliance and American Bird Conservancy filed a petition with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and BLM Director Neil Kornze. Federal law requires a grave response by a agencies. 

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