For a Traveling Nurse, Freedom to Roam

Monica Parks
, 43, of Easley, S.C., has been operative as a roving helper given 2007.

Q. Why did we confirm to do this for a living?

A. Traveling nurses work in opposite locations for weeks during a time. we like a coherence of being means to collect where we work and take jobs when we want. This work pays well. we get to work in opposite environments, and I’m not concerned in a politics we competence find in a staff job.

How do we get assignments, and what about vital arrangements?

There are agencies that support to nurses and doctors who wish to transport around a nation for work. I’ve had contracts that run from 6 or 8 to 13 weeks, and they’ve mostly been renewed. Traveling nurses are mostly indispensable to fill in for people who are out. A sanatorium will possibly offer camp or compensate a camp contribution so we can find a possess housing.

Doesn’t it get waste operative divided from home?

Not during all. we make friends wherever we go. I’m operative in South Carolina now, so I’m tighten to home. But this summer we worked in Washington, D.C. There’s so most to do there, and we got together with colleagues all a time. One was from a South, like me, and had several of us over for a Lowcountry boil — corn, potatoes, shrimp, sausage and crab legs.

What did we do before?

I was a staff helper in a mishap section of a South Carolina sanatorium for 14 years. we felt like we saw only about all there is to see. After that experience, I’m assured we can work in a lot of areas, though my specialties are a handling room and gastroenterology. I’m given some flattering obliged jobs. we was also during a D.C. sanatorium before this final assignment there, so they knew me. This summer, a helper manager going on medical leave asked me to sight 3 nurses on nursing fellowships.

But aren’t we divided from your family for several weeks during a time?

That’s a beauty of this form of work: we demeanour for contracts during hospitals and outpatient centers that aren’t too distant from home. This summer, my father and a dual children, 16 and 12, stayed with me in my D.C. apartment. My father works from home, so he was means to work when he was there. When a kids started school, we gathering to South Carolina each other weekend. we do a same thing as anyone else whose pursuit takes them out of town, or who lives in one city though works in another.

Vocations asks people about their jobs. Interview conducted and precipitated by Patricia R. Olsen.