Canadian Scientists Expose Their Government’s Tar Sands Obsession during DC Briefing


A commission of Canadian scientists and activists participated in a lecture currently during a National Press Club in Washington, DC, to set a record true on a government’s devise to criticise anything that competence mount in a approach of a goals to triple tar sands production, according to a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Sierra Club press release.


From left to right: Bill Burton, David Suzuki, Franke James, Tzeporah Berman, Tim Gray, Danny Harvey during a National Press Club’s breakfast briefing, Oct. 11. Photo credit: Rocky Kistner/ NRDC

As a Canadian supervision launches a $24 million pro-tar sands promotion campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper digs his heels in by observant he “won’t take no” for an answer on the Keystone XL pipeline.

“The Harper supervision will stop during zero to ruthlessly foster connect sands expansion,” said Tzeporah Berman, Canadian author and apparatus growth activist, and panel member during today’s briefing. ”We have witnessed a solid erosion of rights and a accordant conflict on vicious environmental legislation, all as partial of a devise to spin a economy towards connect sands. Democratic antithesis is no longer tolerated in Stephen Harper’s Canada.”

At a breakfast lecture this morning, a delegation—featuring reputable scientists, artists and activists—presented a constrained box to President Obama that Canada was non-professional to make any arrange of meridian understanding in sell for a Keystone XL. The commission described how a government’s connect sands mania has cost Canada a general credibility, according to a NRDC.

“The Canadian supervision has unsuccessful to exercise a devise to revoke CO pollution,” said Tim Gray, executive executive of Environmental Defence Canada. “It is on lane to skip both a possess and general targets for CO emissions reduction, nonetheless is fast posterior skeleton to triple connect sands production. To date, a supervision has shown no ability to act as a convincing partner to a U.S. on meridian actions.”

During a press eventuality today, a commission presented a following examples on how a Canadian government’s accordant efforts privileged a trail for forward connect sands expansion:

  • An assertive $24 million open family shell to paint a connect sands as an environmentally obliged project.
  • More than 6 years’ value of unsuccessful meridian skeleton and damaged promises when it comes to determining wickedness from a connect sands.
  • Failure to take suggestive movement on a stream Canadian emissions trajectory, that will significantly skip Canada’s meridian goal—one that is common with a U.S.
  • Dismantling of decades value of environmental legislation, heading to a withdrawal of sovereign insurance of some-more than 2 million rivers and lakes, including waterways that would have triggered environmental comment in tube projects.
  • Changes to open appearance legislation in environmental hearings, including extensive and capricious focus processes to attend or contention comments in hearings.
  • Implementing communications policies that need sovereign scientists to have all media lines pre-approved, heading to an 80 percent decrease in coverage of meridian change in a initial year a process was implemented.
  • Public and inner attacks by supervision on citizens, artists and First Nations who demonstrate regard about a impacts of connect sands and associated infrastructure.

“There is a systematic conflict on scholarship and democracy holding place in Canada, and a Harper supervision isn’t even perplexing to censor it,” said scientist Dr. David Suzuki. ”But scientists can't and will not be silenced, not when we are confronting an irrevocable meridian disaster like a connect sands.”


Bill Burton, David Suzuki, Franke James, Tzeporah Berman during a National Press Club’s breakfast briefing, Oct. 11. Photo credit: Rocky Kistner/ NRDC

“Canadians’ right to giveaway countenance is being sensitively eroded by a pro-oil supervision unrelenting on compelling connect sands and silencing anyone who competence meddle with those plans,” pronounced row member Franke James, a Canadian artist. ”Rather than a accessible neighbor to a north, Canada has turn a unwashed aged man.”

Plans to triple connect sands prolongation by 2030 are incompatible with Canada and a U.S.’ common joining to keep tellurian heat changes next dual grade Celsius.

“Under President Obama’s leadership, a U.S. is on lane to accommodate a 2020 meridian targets,” said Bill Burton, of the League of Conservation Voters. ”It would be counter-productive and counter-intuitive to exercise clever meridian policies during home, while giving Canada a go-ahead to rise a connect sands attention by commendatory Keystone XL.” 

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