All-women transport takes off in India

If there’s an upside to a negligence of a tellurian economy, these Indian women have not listened of it.

Groups of Indian women are travelling together to destinations distant and wide, from a Taj Mahal in Agra to a Antarctica.

Patriarchy tradition has commanded that a Indian lady always sojourn underneath a insurance and caring of a masculine – a father figure or husband.

These women opt to be footloose and make their possess transport plans.

Women who trafficked in groups historically in India were customarily widows, deserted wives or aged women.

But they would also customarily transport in a association of a masculine chaperone, on pilgrimages to Benares or other church towns.

With flourishing education, practice and income, India’s women from a cities are jolt off normal notions to find association from their sisterhood while travelling.

“In a standard Indian family holiday women finish adult in a role-playing mode of being a mother, wife, daughter and are mostly incompetent to knowledge a end as an individual,” says Piya Bose, owners of Mumbai-based women’s transport group, GOTG (Girls on a Go).

Gurgaon-based Debbie Misra agrees, who besides annual holidays with her father and family, creates certain she leaves with “my gal pals of identical interests” on dual holidays a year.

“At any given time, an Indian lady has to accommodate a several needs of her family, be it her father with a craving for golf and home cooking or kids with journey or infants with baby food and nappy changes.

Even a prepared and emancipated women relax some-more in a association of like-minded women”, she says.

Wanderlust and a Indian woman

With a flourishing series of urban, prepared Indian women expressing a craving to travel, many groups have mushroomed opposite a nation to residence this need and this serf market.

Ask Sumitra Senapathy, a colonize and personality of this niche marketplace who works out of offices in both New Delhi in North India and Bangalore in South India.

A transport writer, Senapathy founded her transport bar exclusively for women called WOW (Women on Wanderlust) 8 years ago.

[Courtesy: WOW]

She recalls it being a “humble home enterprise” though it grew 100 percent year on year with women training about it by “word of mouth”.

“We’re not a transport agency, though a transport height for women to come together and share sparkling experiences.”

The WOW bar organises some 75 tours annually, out of that about half are general trips.

Ladakh, Kashmir, Valley of Flowers Trek, Kerala, and sauna and wellness review programmes are a large hit.

Bhutan, Japan, Morocco, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Iceland and Pacific cruises are renouned choices with a women.

Socially, women no longer have to consider twice when they need a holiday. They can spin to women-only groups.

“They can come in solo though transport with a confidence that a organisation provides”, says Senapathy.

The several clubs offer a accumulation of transport practice for women’s groups to select from.

Besides assuring peculiarity and gentle hotels, travellers can select from a operation of practice like journey trips, convenience and wellness, ancestral site visits and singular informative attractions.

The women-only transport groups all have good determined websites and use amicable media networks to widespread a summary of their transport business.

They also accommodate or embody Mommies and Kids usually trips when women can't leave their children behind during home.

Have money, will travel

The flourishing clan of women-only travellers go to a upwardly-mobile, prepared and financially eccentric women.


Vijaya Deshpande, partner and owners of Soul Purpose-adventure transport for women formed in Gurgaon, says there are many reasons for women to wish to travel. 

“Many husbands are too bustling with their stressful jobs and have no time for their wives,” Deshpande says.

“Single women and mothers tired from a slight of parenting find these women-only transport practice exhilarating.”

Her transport bar offers “independent disposed women travellers a possibility to transport to offbeat places”.

“Economic autonomy and a opening of normal mindsets have done this choice possible, says Deshpande.

“A flourishing series of Indian women with incomes of their own, with an ardour for transport and journey opposite a large cities now see transport as an countenance of their possess individuality,” she explains.


Why does a complicated Indian lady cite association of her possess kind instead of travelling alone?

Piya Bose says that whatever be a turn of journey seeking, Indian women are “interested to try new places in reserve and comfort”.

Safety is a primary regard for an Indian lady opposite category divides. They might find adventure, though reserve is an aspect Indian women are conditioned to be wakeful of.


All a vital players in a women-only transport marketplace grant that these groups offer a one-stop resolution to residence issues of companionship, sorority and freedom.

In churned groups many times Indian women are not means to speak openly or do a things that they wish to do.

Even for tiny things like selling they mostly feel they have to understanding with sulking husbands.

While group might openly go to a pub for a drink, women are not authorised to do so. 

Today women-only transport clubs might be one percent of a Indian transport market, though these entrepreneurs envision a faster expansion in this profit-making enterprise.

The aim of such transport groups eventually as Piya Bose says is to “liberate Indian women by travel”.

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