by Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong (China)

3TreasuresHealing header WARNING: WHAT EVERY CANCER PATIENT SHOULD KNOWBefore Starting on CHEMOTHERAPYThis essay seemed in NEW LIFE  MAY-JUNE 2008 Issue and is by By Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D.  we wanted to embody this on my blog as we mostly consider chemotherapy is not a best choice for clients with clever defence complement and cancer that has not metastasized.  What is compulsory is a finish life character change.  As Jeffrey Yuen, has regularly pronounced “the alertness that combined a illness, is not a alertness that can heal it”.  The people that we have famous that have marinated cancer have totally clinging their life to restorative it, 24-7.  Regardless of a clients choice on chemotherapy, we support all clients in creation a decisions that they and their family feel many gentle with.

Most group and women reading this essay have a good authority of a English (American) language.  Even people whose possess American denunciation is their second denunciation promulgate utterly good many of a time. For a many partial we know any other.  For example, if we were to ask we a elementary question, such as, “What are my chances of saying we tomorrow during twelve noon?”  Most of us, both local and foreign-born people, could know and promulgate a reasonable response to a question.

With approved drug medical doctors we have a totally opposite set of circumstances.  You might have beheld few of them pronounce a American language.  They have a gobblygoop denunciation all of their possess that is unfit for center category America to clearly understand.  Worst of all it might even be designed so we don’t understand.

For example:  Prior to similar to start a many toxic, dangerous, life sapping, medical diagnosis famous to mankind, famous as chemotherapy, many intelligent people customarily ask, “Doctor, if we start on chemotherapy what are my chances?”

This is positively a reasonable doubt communicated in a American language.  Under a resources a doubt deserves a clear, cogent, unambivalent answer in a denunciation that we speak.It is my opinion that one of a rudest things a chairman can do when they know a American denunciation is to pronounce to we in a unfamiliar tongue.

This is accurately what a approved drug medicine contention has gotten divided with for 100 years.  It is dangerous to life’s decisions and even life itself.  It’s time we a people put an finish to it.

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Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong (China)
Dean of Advanced Studies @ Barbara Brennan School of Healing 2000-2007
Core Energetics Therapist
Clairvision Practitioner

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