Vista View Park, Davie, FL

There are 272 acres of immature rolling hills and meadows. An glorious plcae for outside enthusiasts seeking an jaunty challenges. There are hills and aptness trails formulating a ideal training belligerent for many sporting activities like towering biking, cranky nation using and crossfit workouts. There are 8 shelters that offer copiousness preserve from a object and are simply easy organisation picnics. The kids playgrounds are lonesome and offer one of a best fun environments we have seen.

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  • Two playgrounds
  • Paved Pathways
  • A half-mile loop Fitness Trail
  • A 2.1-mile equine route loops around a park
  • Airfield/Paragliding
  • Special Events
  • Primitive Group Camping
  • Fishing
  • The park offers many opportunities to volunteer

** “A Little History: By a time Vista View Park non-stop to a open on Jul 12, 2003, a site had already served as a county’s landfill in Davie for some-more than dual decades (1964-1987), culminating in a cleanup overseen by a Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that led to a site’s dismissal from a agency’s National Priorities List in 2006. (The EPA continues to guard a site to safeguard that it stays protected for open access.) The final mutation into a park was done probable with initial appropriation from a Broward County Office of Integrated Waste Management, supplemented by income from a 2000 Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Referendum.

In 2002, approximately 60 additional acres were acquired with $12.8 million, half of that came from a Florida Communities Trust extend and a other half from a 2000 bond program. The park afterwards embarked on a scarcely $7.2 million expansion, bringing a site to a stream distance of approximately 271.5 acres.

Prior to a park’s construction, healthy communities were mostly absent since of a site’s story as cattle pasture and landfill. During a pattern phase, pockets of 3 re-created healthy communities were incorporated into a plans. These habitats – dry prairie, mesic flatwoods, and hammock – were combined by landscaping with some of a plants local to a communities, and as they grow and mature, it is expected that some of a animals naturally found in these particular communities will once again make Vista View their home.”

Vista View Park
4001 S.W. 142nd Ave., Davie, FL 33330
Phone: 954-357-8898
Fax: 954-357-8897