The Atoll – Matheson Hammock

Matheson Hammock Park and Beach in Miami, FL
71e4a IMG 9595 The Atoll  Matheson Hammock

It was a inclement morning. Very cloudy skies. we arrived during Matheson around 6:00am and morning was during 7:00am. we had already designed a locations where we wanted to fire from a night before regulating Google Maps. The tough partial was reckoning out a prolonged exposures. One notation was too short, a images came out really dark, 1.5 mins were better, though still dark, and finally a 2 min symbol seemed about right. we took a array of shots around a atoll – gripping a sharp eye on a charge clouds to a north of me. It seemed a breeze was floating from that direction. we changed fast to suffer a dark and solemnly intense horizon. we had a good time.

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