Postcards From a Frontlines: A Global Campaign for Climate Change Refugees

Environmental Justice Foundation

Today a Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), in partnership with ByPost and with a support of Dame Vivienne Westwood and Gillian Anderson, is rising an innovative postcards debate to grasp urgently indispensable approval and insurance for climate change refugees worldwide.

In 2012, 31.7 million people were forced from their homes due to continue associated events, a homogeneous of some-more than half a UK race replaced in one year. Although meridian refugees are distant larger in series than those journey conflict, they are not famous by any general law. EJF is operative to change this.

Postcards from a Frontlines takes a cinema and stories of meridian witnesses and their supporters true from their phones and desktops to a world’s usually truly tellurian organization, a United Nations (UN), a inaugural forum to residence issues that comparison inhabitant boundaries. The postcards reaching UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon are mystic of a tellurian call to recognize, strengthen and support those on a frontlines of meridian change.

Supporters are asked to send a design of a home they would hatred to be forced from with a brief summary about what it means to them, while meridian witnesses are speedy to share their practice on a frontlines of meridian change, either they have mislaid their desired ones to a heaviest ever monsoon rains in Uttarakhand, their livelihoods to desertification in Somalia or homes to impassioned flooding in Canada and Europe.

The postcards will be delivered as genuine paper postcards giveaway of assign by ancillary partner ByPost to a UN domicile in New York, job for a introduction of a UN Special Rapporteur on meridian change and tellurian rights.

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Post label from a Dame Vivienne Westwood, English conform engineer and businesswoman.

EJF aims to enthuse some-more than 100,000 people worldwide to send a postcard by Human Rights Day on Dec. 10, to denote a operation and scale of meridian impacts globally and a obligatory need for action.

“Postcards from a Frontlines personalizes meridian change by display a operation and border of a impacts that meridian change is carrying on people around a world,” pronounced Steve Trent, executive executive of EJF. “EJF has been operative to secure approval and insurance for meridian refugees given 2009 and we are unapproachable to have a support of a far-reaching operation of tellurian and grassroots organizations as good as people such as Vivienne Westwood and Gillian Anderson, to make this a truly general project.”

We are beholden for a support of the 20 plan partners: ByPost, Climate Revolution, Climate Week NYC, Concern Universal, Connect 4 Climate, Cool Earth, Hay Festival, Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange UK (ICYE UK), iMatter, National Poetry Day, Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC), Photo Voice, Rural Environment and Development Organisation (REDO), Restless Development, Rural Education and Development Programme (REDEP), RYOT News, Shohratgarh Environmental Society (SES), Soil Association, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and World Council of Churches.

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