‘New Normals’ of a Climate Crisis Demand a New Economy


The Post Carbon Institute expelled a new report today, Climate After Growth: Why Environmentalists Must Embrace Post-Growth Economics Community Resilience. The news calls on environmental organizations and process makers to accept a epoch of “new normals” in that we live that force us to adopt new strategies to a hurdles we face.

The report’s authors contend a implications of a “new normals” are profound:

The New Energy Normal—The epoch of inexpensive and easy hoary fuels is over, heading a attention to review to impassioned hoary fuel resources (tar sands, mountaintop dismissal spark mining, shale gas, parsimonious oil and deepwater oil) to accommodate demand. Unfortunately, these resources come with huge environmental and mercantile costs, and in many instances yield distant rebate net energy to a rest of society. They also need most aloft prices to make prolongation worthwhile, formulating a drag outcome on a economy. As a result, high appetite prices and mercantile contraction are expected to continue a back-and-forth dance in a entrance years.

The New Climate Normal—Climate fortitude is now a thing of a past. As impassioned continue events grow in severity, communities are increasingly adopting strategies that build resilience opposite a outcome of these and other meridian shocks. At a same time, we contingency take thespian stairs if we wish to equivocate lifting tellurian temperatures some-more than dual degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. According to Kevin Anderson of a Tyndall Centre, this would need a 10 percent rebate in CO dioxide emissions per year, starting now—a rate so poignant that it can usually be achieved by thespian reductions in appetite use.

The New Economic Normal—We’ve reached a finish of mercantile expansion as we’ve famous it in a U.S. Despite rare interventions on a partial of executive banks and governments, a supposed mercantile liberation in a U.S. and Europe has been malnutritioned and has unsuccessful to advantage a infancy of citizens. The discuss between impulse and purgation is a distraction, as conjunction can entirely residence a factors that spell a finish of mercantile growth—the finish of a age of inexpensive oil, a immeasurable plateau of debt that we have incurred, a abating mercantile impacts of new technologies and a snowballing costs of meridian change impacts.

According to a report, common to all these “new normals” is a vital need to build village resilience. Efforts that build village resilience raise a ability to navigate a energy, meridian and mercantile crises of a twenty-first century. Done right, these efforts can also offer as a substructure of a whole new economy—an economy that thrives within a genuine boundary of a pleasing though calculable planet.

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