Tar Sands Stock Tanks After Direct Action in Utah


By Lauren Berlekamp

If we are meditative about investing in tar sands oil in Utah—think again.

US Oil Sands’ batch cost fell serve down a highway to disaster when a organisation of pacifist activists gathered final week during a site of a initial due connect sands cave in a country. Dozens of people peacefully overtook a operations, effectively shutting down for a whole day highway construction of a Seep Ridge Road enlargement plan and work during a cave in Utah’s Book Cliffs. 

According to KCSG Television, a company’s batch cost on a Toronto Stock Exchange had sealed Jul 26 during $0.115. After a approach movement enforced a full-day shutdown a following Monday, Jul 29, US Oil Sands batch cost had forsaken to $0.10, down 50 percent from a company’s 52-week high.

“Investors have taken notice that these connect sands and oil shale projects in Utah will be done impossible,” says Peaceful Uprising‘s Melanie Martin. “The fools-gold inlet of these resources, a dangerous intensity to poison atmosphere and H2O as good as a people’s expostulate to forestall their swell all supplement adult to an investment blackhole.”

Unedited Media constructed a following video with footage from a approach action, that was published on Peaceful Uprising’s website:

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