Statement by a Press Secretary on a President’s Travel to Russia

The White House

Office of a Press Secretary

Following a clever examination begun in July, we have reached a end that there is not adequate new swell in a common bulletin with Russia to reason a U.S.-Russia Summit in early September.  We value a achievements done with Russia in a President’s initial term, including a New START Treaty, and team-work on Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea.  However, given a miss of swell on issues such as barb invulnerability and arms control, trade and blurb relations, tellurian confidence issues, and tellurian rights and polite multitude in a final twelve months, we have sensitive a Russian Government that we trust it would be some-more constructive to postpone a limit until we have some-more formula from a common agenda.  Russia’s unsatisfactory preference to extend Edward Snowden proxy haven was also a cause that we deliberate in assessing a stream state of a common relationship. Our team-work on these issues stays a priority for a United States, so on Friday, Aug 9, Secretaries Hagel and Kerry will accommodate with their Russian counterparts in a 2+2 format in Washington to plead how we can best make swell relocating brazen on a full operation of issues in a common relationship.

The President still looks brazen to roving to St. Petersburg on Sep 5-6 to attend a G-20 Summit.