Seek Online MBA Programs That Provide Travel Opportunities

Online MBA programs are giving students general transport opportunities they can fit into their work schedules.

When Jessica Sellers, 24, started her hunt for an online MBA program, she had one requirement: It had to have a transport component.

A partner of exploring opposite countries, she believed participating in a school-sponsored outing abroad would not usually be fun, though make her some-more marketable. By enrolling in Webster University’s online MBA program, she was means to indulge both her personal and veteran sides by a two-week outing to Thailand.


“It was an extraordinary trip,” says Sellers, who visited Thai factories and spoke with executives. “I schooled so much. It stretched my thinking.”

As business becomes some-more global, full-time MBA programs have adapted by giving their curriculums a some-more general focussed and incorporating transport opportunities. In a past, these trips were roughly exclusively accessible to MBA students during brick-and-mortar programs. Now a handful of online MBA programs are charity their possess business-themed excursions abroad.

Since online programs support mostly to adult students, many of whom work while attending propagandize partial time, a trips can’t camber months or semesters. Some programs offer 3 days of transport during a course, while others offer dual or 3 weeks.

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“These are professionals who are balancing life and school,” says Anne Browning, programs executive during Webster University’s George Herbert Walker School of Business Technology. “This gives them a event to benefit some general knowledge and still fit it into their schedule.”

Depending on a program, courses with an general transport member can final anywhere from dual weeks to an whole semester. At schools such as Saint Leo University, Northeastern University, Webster University, Washington State University and Arizona State University, students spend months or weeks study business trends in their specific nation before to departure. During their visit, students typically accommodate with internal business leaders, debate internal companies and pronounce with internal academics and supervision officials.

Students during Webster University, for example, recently trafficked to Brazil for a week and met with BP officials and visited recycling centers. At ASU, online MBA students have had a possibility to revisit a Airbus domicile in France and a Nike domicile in Vietnam.

Other online MBA programs have opposite models for general travel.

In one march in a online MBA module during Indiana University—Bloomington’s Kelley School of Business, for example, students are asked to solve a problem for a unfamiliar client. This year, students were matched with tiny business owners in Botswana, including a veterinarian, an automobile emporium owners and leaders of a mantle factory.

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Early in a course, a clients flew to a states to accommodate a tyro “consultants.” Weeks later, a students trafficked to Botswana to do belligerent investigate and benefaction solutions.

MBA@UNC, a online MBA module during a University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, offers dual general “immersion experiences” any year. Students spend 3 days in a unfamiliar nation conference lectures from internal executives, assembly alumni and behaving box competitions. The module also includes an choice to extend a outing for 5 days.

Corrected 8/13/13: A prior chronicle of this essay misstated sum about a online MBA module during a University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.